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How To Have Fun Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM is fun.  That’s Right F U N! -  Selling it, using it, customizing it, and exploring all the possibilities!  What is fun about selling Dynamics CRM?   That answer […]

xRM - Managing Relationships With Business Software

Relationships Beyond Sales Business relationships and contact management related to sales, marketing and sales related customer service have always had a home in standard CRM packages and for the most […]

Is xRM Your Next Move From Access Or Filemaker?

Application frameworks like xRM and Microsoft SharePoint can provide robust custom built applications that will meet any requirement you can provide in Access or FileMaker Pro.  You will get the […]

4 Reasons You’re Going Straight To “CRM Hell” And How To Get Back On The Right Path

Please, don’t go to CRM Hell.  It’s a very time consuming and expensive place to be.   Going to CRM Hell doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a grudgingly slow, very expensive and […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Quick And Easy

Microsoft has brought a great product to market with Dynamics CRM.  The CRM marketplace has traditionally been fraught with failed offerings, stalled implementations and troublesome products.  With Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has […]


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