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Magenium Solutions's Logo Marketing Automation with ClickDimensions - 6 Tips

Marketing automation is one of my special interest areas within CRM, and I’m an enthusiastic user of the ClickDimensions marketing automation add-on for Dynamics CRM. If you’re using ClickDimensions (CD […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo What's Ahead in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013?

What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013? Today Microsoft announced that the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be available in the fall of 2013. The strategy behind the […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo The (CRM) Truth is Out There Part 1

If a consultant tells you that your CRM should provide a “360 degree view of the truth” it’s like a coach instructing his players to “go out there and give […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo From Convergence 2013 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM News Pt. 1

Another spring, another Convergence. Microsoft’s annual conference on all things Dynamic concluded March 21, the first day of spring, and it appears that the Dynamics CRM world is set to […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo Customer-Centric Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What is customer-centric marketing automation? Simply put, it's the ability to execute and track all of your email and digital marketing efforts right in your CRM, where your customers live. […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo What's New in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 Update?

Last week’s big news for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the official announcement of the December 2012 Service Update. The most substantive official document is the Release Preview Guide, available here: […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo Tracking User Activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Everybody agrees that user adoption is a good thing, and that high user adoption is a key measure of the overall success of a CRM implementation. But there’s less agreement about […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo Mobile CRM Opportunties and Challenges

Part 1: Mobile CRM Introduction My eighteen year-old son provides some great examples of the trends driving mobility and social: Jack uses his iPhone a LOT, but rarely for phone […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo Marketing Automation In Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When I first started doing marketing automation integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the only thing I cared about was email tracking. That is, after sending a marketing email, knowing which […]

Magenium Solutions's Logo CRM for Banking and Customer Retention

In these challenging times, banks are faced with the need to strengthen their customer relationships and improve operational efficiencies. By gaining insight into customers’ profiles and behaviors and being able […]


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