Articles By: Jim Bertler, Logan Consulting

Logan Consulting's Logo 3 Reasons Why Customization is Worth Every Penny

Anyone in the process of looking for a new CRM software system has heard of the benefits (and costs) of customization. Systems like Dynamics CRM have the potential to be […]

Logan Consulting's Logo CRM Improves Distributor Relationships

Finding balance between investing time into building tight relationships with your distributors and driving growth within your organization can be a difficult line to walk. Many manufacturers find that during […]

Logan Consulting's Logo How to Increase Productivity in Your Wholesale Distribution Organization

Finding the perfect equation to effective productivity can be tough, however, there are some tried and true methods that can enhance the day-to-day operations within your organization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

Logan Consulting's Logo Revolutionize Your Business: Dynamics CRM and ERP Integration

By now I'm sure you've all heard the buzz around cloud based ERP systems like  Microsoft Dynamics GP. However these innovative new software systems aren't the only way to gain […]

Logan Consulting's Logo Top 4 CRM Project Pitfalls to Resolve BEFORE Your Integration Begins

Congratulations! You've decided to select Microsoft Dynamics CRM and found a great Microsoft CRM Partner like Logan Consulting to help you make the most of your upgrade. You've already pumped […]

Logan Consulting's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is NOT Just for Sales!

Often when we hear of the software Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our minds automatically think of sales initiatives. However, despite these preconceptions, Microsoft CRM actually works for much more than just the […]

Logan Consulting's Logo Get Creative with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In 2013, SalesLoft reported that Microsoft CRM had only 43% of its users utilizing their CRM software to its full potential, which is a lot of users! Regardless of your […]

Logan Consulting's Logo Top 3 Features to Expect in The New CRM Update

As I'm sure most of you have probably heard, Microsoft Dynamics just recently released news of a Spring 2016 wave update for Dynamics CRM 2016. This CRM update is big news, considering […]

Logan Consulting's Logo CRM's Fantasy Sales Team Improves Sales

Just because football season has come to a close, that doesn't mean you can't keep your fantasy team up and running! With Microsoft Dynamics CRM's new Fantasy Sales Team's competition module, […]

Logan Consulting's Logo 4 Ways Microsoft CRM Improves Sales Operations

When it comes to your sales team, Microsoft Excel isn't just a helpful tool, it's a way of life. The world of sales is as data-heavy as it gets, and […]


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