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IPM Global 's Logo Are Some of your Staff Younger than your Construction Costing System?

Back in the day … in the 80’s and 90’s...  the thinking was that construction companies needed special “job cost accounting software”.   On that basis the only other software […]

IPM Global 's Logo Construction / Engineering - Project Email

Project Email - the Nemesis of effective Document Management Recent studies have concluded that Project Staff spend an average of 5.5 hours per week searching for Project Information, and 52% […]

IPM Global 's Logo IPM Project Management for Construction - Now on AppSource!

Now available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online! With the long awaited release of IPM Project Management on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), it doesn’t matter what your business looks like …. […]

IPM Global 's Logo What is the First Application You Open to Start Your Work Day?

Ok, Facebook doesn’t count here. Most people when asked will tell you that the first application they open is email. Besides being our vehicle for keeping in touch, updated and […]

IPM Global 's Logo Is Technology the Enemy or Are We Just Not Using It Well?

“Technology can be a blessing or a curse.” Have you heard that phrase? Do you relate to it? Technology is all well and good when it makes our lives easier […]

IPM Global 's Logo 5 Benefits of Project Management Software for Your Business

If yours is an engineering or construction business, you know how important your project management software is to your success. If you are engaged in these businesses and are just […]

IPM Global 's Logo With Project Management Software, Flexibility is a Must

Searching for a project management solution? Consider these basic features: Flexibility Why is flexibility in your project management software so important? Think about all the projects you have managed and remember […]

IPM Global 's Logo Project Management: How to Choose a Solution

Project management tools can be a real boon for project managers, but only if they are the right tools for the project. Some tools lack critical features necessary for collaboration […]

IPM Global 's Logo Are QSE (Quality Safety and Environment) Registers Integral to your Project Management Process?

To simplify complex management systems and make them more effective, you should consider integrating quality, safety and environment (QSE) into your company’s main Project Management (PM) process. Here’s why: A […]

IPM Global 's Logo Project Management Software: Getting the Most from Your Tools.

Is your current construction project management software the best tool for the job? Is it possible that having a more appropriate tool could facilitate your processes while being more effective […]


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