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HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo The Universal Banker: Using CRM for Banks to Provide the Outstanding Service Customers Demand

While consumers are increasingly engaging with banks through mobile devices, that doesn’t mean the job of the teller is dying – far from it. Bank tellers are instead evolving into […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to Better Align Sales and Marketing

With its next product release, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is fully-equipped with tools and capabilities to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. When sales and marketing teams are better […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo New Features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2014 Release

Focusing on the customer, check. Continuing to enhance cloud computing software, check. Working with industry leaders to enhance social and mobile functionality, check. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is undergoing many changes […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo SalesLogix Vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Versus Saleslogix: Feature Comparison A prospective customer asked us the difference between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesLogix functionality so we’ve put this feature comparison between the two […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 - Summary of What’s New

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is around the corner and will be generally available in Q4 2013. For those interested in what is coming, this blog article serves as a summary […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spotlight in Technology Evaluation Centers’ Buyer’s Guide on CRM Systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spotlight in Technology Evaluation Centers’ Buyer’s Guide on CRM Systems Ignify customer OSI Systems, Inc.’s use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been cited as an important customer […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo Faster Problem Resolution and FCR with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ignify has a new blog written by Bhavesh Ashani, our Vice President of Customer Satisfaction, on how companies can improve problem resolution and first contact response with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo Enabling Commerce and Order Entry Integrated with Dynamics CRM 2011 for Your Sales and Customer Service Teams

If you are using or planning to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Force Automation, you are making a great first step for your organization because: Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo How Many Clicks Should Entering an Order Take? – Web Based Order Entry for Microsoft Dynamics

We recently launched Order Entry for Microsoft Dynamics as a web based solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions. An obvious question - why another Order […]

HITACHI Asia Pacific's Logo Make Your Business the Standard for Customer Service Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer service horror stories – I have them, you have them, and I’m pretty sure any other person you ask off the street has one. There are the never-ending calls […]


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