Peak Engagement

Peak Engagement drives deeper engagement with your brand by simplifying complex business processed through solutions that are easy for your company and the end user to use. Offering currently includes Peak Portals, a web portal solution. Try a 30-day trial and join us at the peak!

Anyone who has been a part of a software project knows that one of the most important factors in a successful project relates to change management. After all, everyone loves change until it happens to them. While most people say they embrace change, their attitude may be what really changes when the rubber meets the …

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers are now getting notifications regarding scheduling options for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 upgrades. Within this environment, there may be some CRM Online and on premise customers who have may have either abandoned their portal when the free Portal Accelerator was dropped after the 2011 version or some customers still …

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Every business agrees about wanting to drive greater customer satisfaction; it’s pretty much an indisputable goal. Personally, I prefer the idea of driving higher customer engagement. While an engaged customer may not always be a satisfied customer, they are engaged enough to let you know if you haven’t met their expectations. A disengaged customer will probably …

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