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ClickDimensions's Logo Introducing ClickDimensions PowerPack and the Simple Account-Based Sales & Marketing Approach

  Well known as a trailblazer in marketing automation solutions, ClickDimensions recently launched ClickDimensions PowerPack, a game-changing new product set to redefine the landscape of B2B sales and marketing. Designed […]

ClickDimensions's Logo 5 Ideas for Using Personalization in Emails with Dynamics 365

Email marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all initiative. Consumers now expect customized communications from the organizations they do business with. And when businesses meet those expectations, they reap the benefits. […]

ClickDimensions's Logo 4 SEO Tips for Dynamics 365 Marketers

Did you know that, according to Forrester, 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine? That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important for brands today. As […]

ClickDimensions's Logo Text Me: 8 Ways to use SMS in Dynamics 365 with Your Customers

It’s no secret that consumers and marketers today love email. But with an open rate of 98 percent, according to Mobile Marketing Watch, SMS messages can give email some serious competition. SMS, […]

ClickDimensions's Logo Integrating Social Media Management Technology with Dynamics 365

Social media management is a time-consuming endeavor when you consider creating social posts, scheduling those posts to each social network, measuring results, listening to and engaging with conversations on social, […]

ClickDimensions's Logo Beyond Email: 9 Other Ways to Use Marketing Automation in Dynamics 365

Marketing automation and email marketing go hand in hand. In fact, they are used in the same sentence so often that they are sometimes thought of as one and the same. But […]

ClickDimensions's Logo 5 Business Challenges Overcome by Using Campaign Automation in Dynamics 365

Life is full of challenges. Fortunately, life is also now full of technologies that can often help us overcome those challenges and make our lives a little easier. Campaign automation, […]

ClickDimensions's Logo Generating Leads with Dynamics 365 and Marketing Automation

Marketers today often have numerous objectives and goals, but since it keeps the funnel full and increases revenue, lead generation often is – or should be – at the top […]

ClickDimensions's Logo 5 Ideas for Marketing List Segmentation in Dynamics 365

When it comes to email marketing, success can often be more dependent on your lists than the message itself. After all, how well will your email perform if it doesn't […]

ClickDimensions's Logo Microsoft CRM Implementation Blueprint

When you implement and use software, it is common to want to know how other organizations are using it. This guide will show you how the ClickDimensions team uses Microsoft […]


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