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Channeltivity's Logo Top 4 Reasons a Partner Relationship Management Investment Fails

Technology can be a significant factor in the success of your channel program – when the right tool is chosen and properly deployed in your organization. Companies that rush to […]

Channeltivity's Logo Three Secrets Successful Channel Managers Rely On to Create Strong Revenue

Channel managers in emerging companies build a case for the value of the channel by being able to move the revenue needle – and being able to show they’re moving […]

Channeltivity's Logo 5 Reasons Channel Managers Don’t Need a Mobile Strategy

Over the past two years all the buzz in the channel has been about having a mobile strategy. Mobile is the latest in a long line of shiny new things […]

Channeltivity's Logo Three Ways to Get More Access to the End Customer

Selling via indirect channels means less direct contact with your end customer, but there are still plenty of ways to improve access to the customer insights necessary to compete effectively […]

Channeltivity's Logo CRM/PRM Software Is Only as Good as Your Workflow

PRM Software Is Only as Good as Your Workflow Technology can do amazing things, but we’re still a long way from a program that can design and optimize a human […]

Channeltivity's Logo Is Your Technology Inhibiting Your Growth?

Technology – or lack of the right technology – can be the difference between growth and stagnation. When systems are lacking and workflows uncharted, you spend more time coaxing information […]

Channeltivity's Logo How to Capture Partner Mindshare

How to Capture Partner Mindshare As a channel manager, you are only as successful as the partners selling your product. So how do you make channel partners see the benefits […]

Channeltivity's Logo Channeltivity's Latest Release: Improvements, Updates and New Features

The latest release of our partner relationship solution is live as of 1/15/2015. We now include a single sign in functionality with Oracle's iLearning License Management Services. In addition to […]

Channeltivity's Logo Engagement in the Channel: Partner Relationship Management Best Practices

Like all great buzzwords, “engagement” is a term that perpetuates sloppy thinking. In channel management, engagement gets set up as a goal with the assumption that if partners are engaged […]


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