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Njevity, Inc.'s Logo How Can Microsoft Dynamics CRM Be Deployed to Help Companies Go Green and Be More Energy Efficient?

Businesses and non-profit organizations are under a tremendous amount of pressure these days to reduce power consumption, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and find other ways to be “green”.  These changes […]

Njevity, Inc.'s Logo What is XRM? And How An XRM Strategy Can Save You Time and Money

XRM is a relatively new term that refers to the building of custom business logic and functionality on top of an exisitng CRM system such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Instead of investing your time and treasure in the development of these basic elements, you can focus your development efforts on the areas that truly add value to your business.

Njevity, Inc.'s Logo Insider Tips on Optimizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Performance

Getting Started …. Determining the appropriate IT infrastructure required to support Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very dependent on your business’s particular scenario.  By performing Architecture and Scoping Assessments on your […]

Njevity, Inc.'s Logo Microsoft Continues Its Commitment To Deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM As A Flexible And Scalable Business Solution Framework.

Microsoft’s commitment is strong than ever. It’s no wonder they rank very high as the customer relationship management software solution for businesses of all sizes.  Sales of Microsoft Dynamics CRM have reach […]

Njevity, Inc.'s Logo How CRM Software Modifies Employee Behavior

Deploying CRM in an organization brings about changes in business processes and modifies employee behavior. CRM can touch every department in an organization from sales, finance, production, to customer service. […]


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