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Candlewest's Logo 3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Consulting Traits to Look For

MasterChef Season 4 was coming to a close; Gordon Ramsay the outlandish outspoken multi-millionaire chef was on the verge of deciding who was to be the new MasterChef. Would it […]

Candlewest's Logo Creating Momentum in Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP Software Implementations

In my last article, we discussed the ERP / CRM software evaluation process (whether you are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ERP or an alternative product) and the delicate balance […]

Candlewest's Logo One CRM to Rule Them All [Infographic] | Features of CRM

The CRM world is complex; with new cutting edge features being released it can be hard to keep up. The rapid pace of the industry creates great opportunity as well as great risk. […]

Candlewest's Logo Get Your Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Nurture Campaigns Started

I find that Microsoft Dynamics® CRM marketing automation is much like purchasing a sports utility vehicle. Purchasing a sports utility vehicle is all the rave in North America but most never […]


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