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Atum Corporation's Logo Here’s Why You Should Love E-Mail Marketing!

E-mail marketing is a simple way to target your audience in a short amount of time. E-mail marketing has been proven to be more effective than social media and is […]

Atum Corporation's Logo Important Questions to Ask During a CRM Software Demo

Buying a CRM software for your business can be expensive to buy and maintain. Don’t forget to ask the questions below during your software demo to make sure you are […]

Atum Corporation's Logo 3 Ways a CRM Can Increase Retention

Acquiring new customers is expensive. According to Bain & Company, it costs businesses about 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. It is […]

Atum Corporation's Logo 5 Ways a CRM Can Boost Revenue

There is no doubt that a CRM system can help you transform the way your company does business. It is a powerful tool that can significantly increase the productivity of your […]


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