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Arctic Information Technology's Logo Tribal Entities Harness Power BI, BI 360 and Player 365 for Real-time Data

Business Intelligence is big buzzword in the technology space right now, but it is big for a reason. In nearly every industry, organizations are realizing more and more that they […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo Dynamics 365 enables Casino Hosts to “up the ante” with Tribal Platforms™ Player 365

Casino Hosts have a responsibility to develop working relationships with their players.  Both to identify players who would benefit from a Host’s service in addition to assisting an upset guest […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo How to Track Emails Like a Pro with Dynamics 365

Email is the primary and preferred way to communicate for many people. Whether it is your internal team members, your "customers", or industry partners, most people communicated via email. The messages you […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo The Cost of Doing Nothing vs Harnessing the Power of Dynamics 365

Goals.  We all have them.  Whether officially defined or not, there is something we are striving to achieve.  The problem is that we often just don’t have time to spend […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo Who wants to get on the FastTrack with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft just announced the public preview of FastTrack for Dynamics 365.  This is an opportunity for customers and their partners to engage directly with Microsoft’s engineering team to accelerate deployments, […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo Putting Service into Tribal Member Management

Providing high quality service to tribal members is a key priority for nearly all tribal governments.  When we think about high quality service, our first thought often goes to the […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo Decluttering your CRM - Keeping it Clean part 2

Slowly Move the Old Out After discussions with your end users, you may want to slowly move some of the under-utilized fields out of CRM. Here are some suggestions for […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo Tribal Platforms™ powers Tribal Enrollment with Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is Tribal Enrollment?  It is a process tribes use to establish membership criteria based on customs, traditions, language and tribal blood.  Enrollment criteria is defined by tribal constitutions or […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo PLAYER 365 Helps Casino Hosts Connect to Players

Tribal gaming organizations operate in an ever-changing industry and are competing to attract guests.  Player development is an important Marketing function to bring in new gaming customers in addition to […]

Arctic Information Technology's Logo Keeping it Clean - Tips To Declutter Your CRM

It’s a New Year with a fresh start.  And a great time to de-clutter your CRM. CRM usually doesn’t make our lives easier.  It helps management collect relevant information about […]


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