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Using the Import Tool in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Update Existing Records

By Mike Smith, The Resource Group Keeping a customer database up-to-date can be a time-consuming, tedious task.  While customer records can be individually opened and modified within Dynamics CRM, this […]

Add A Personal Touch To Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM System

By Mike Smith, The Resource Group Please note: this customization is not supported by Microsoft, make sure to take any and all precautionary measures when performing the customizations detailed below. […]

Unlocking The Power Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Middle Entities

By Mike Smith, The Resource Group The ability to create custom entities and relationships in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is virtually limited only to one’s imagination.  Lately, I have seen an […]

Salespeople Buy-in – The Key to a Successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

By Earl Hunt, The Resource Group When implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization, the real key to a successful implementation is the commitment to use the system from your […]


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