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AlphaBOLD's Logo Creating a Custom Connector for Power Apps

Power Automate is one of the essential components that make up Microsoft’s Power Platform. Being a robust and built-in workflow engine, Power Automate can quickly automate workflows while securely connecting […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo SharePoint Online Customizable Elements: DMS

With all businesses now going remote, document management has become an even more pressing challenge than ever before. Companies are now looking to invest in a reliable, innovative document management […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo CRM Software Revolution with DevOps

In today’s uncertain market, businesses focus on the agility to become more proactive and reactive towards market changes, new and innovative competitors, and demanding customer preferences. Due to these very challenging business conditions, […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo Dynamics 365’s AI Capabilities

Customer Relationship Management software is one of the most popular software categories in the world, and its ubiquity is expected to only rise in the coming years. CRM software suites are feature-rich, fully operational tools that are often at the bleeding […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo Quality Assurance for CRM

CRM allows companies to create, manage, and maintain relationships with existing and future customers and robustly organize their processes. CRM is an empowering tool that helps organizations increase their competitive […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo Artificial Intelligence and CRM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once thought to be perhaps only rooted in fiction. However, the 21st century marked an influx of interest in the development of AI, and companies from […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo Business Intelligence and Dynamics 365

In this blog, we will be discussing two of Microsoft's top products, Power BI and Dynamics 365. We will touch upon what Power BI is, how we can integrate these two products and the […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo Streamlining Business Processes with Dynamics 365

Most Businesses start small. Sometimes it can start over a cup of coffee, or a mutual drive between colleagues to do something new. The aim for most businesses is to […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo Why should I choose Dynamics 365 as my next CRM?

We’re halfway into the third month of 2020, and we can see everything changing rapidly around all of us! Technology is continually evolving and is indeed becoming a fast pace […]

AlphaBOLD's Logo A Peak into DevOps with Dynamics 365

This blog aims to discuss three essential tools of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement / CRM and the functions they serve in the DevOps process. However, before we introduce these three […]


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