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NEC Australia's Logo CRM Software – Cost Of Ownership and Return On Investment

The cost of ownership and return on investment of your CRM software depends on your requirements initially and over time. A large enterprise that requires integration into other business systems […]

NEC Australia's Logo Customer Relationship Management – Your Key Business Strategy

At its core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy and underlying that strategy is a number of CRM software applications, including marketing and customer service. Companies use these […]

NEC Australia's Logo CRM Software – How Do I Evaluate and Decide On The Right Solution?

In considering CRM software, often an organisation short lists three CRM applications to be presented to its users. Evaluation should not be based heavily (if at all) on the users […]

NEC Australia's Logo A Customer Driven Philosophy Needs a Customer Relationship Management Solution

Customer relationship management is a structured business strategy that sets standards and processes for how an organisation deals with current and potential customers. It is at the core of any […]

NEC Australia's Logo What Is CRM and How Can It Help Recession Proof Your Business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be described as the art or science of using information to find, acquire, and retain customers. It covers a wide range of people, processes, and […]

NEC Australia's Logo CRM Software For Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

Lead generation and lead nurturing are two of the most important factors for any successful business. However, they require two very different strategies and processes. In many ways, the term […]

NEC Australia's Logo CRM Software – Complaint Tracking and Creating Excellent Customer Service

Many successful businesses are changing the way they approach customer service. Using technology such as a customer relationship management solution, they are able to keep track of every contact point […]

NEC Australia's Logo Maximizing Your Lead Generation With CRM Software

Successful organisations today have developed clear processes for lead generation. These will include the traditional marketing techniques commonly now known as “off line” marketing and combining them with internet or […]

NEC Australia's Logo CRM Software – Real Time Access and Decision Making for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service

A flexible CRM software solution will help you track valuable information about your customers.  Having real time access to detailed reporting and dashboards will allow you to optimise many of […]

NEC Australia's Logo Microsoft CRM Software: What Are Your Deployment Options and How Do You Calculate Your ROI?

The business result you should achieve by implementing Microsoft CRM software is to maximise your peoples' productivity and increase the value from your clients and prospects. There are two primary […]


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