Webinar: CRM Duplicate Data Cleaning Done Right with DeDupeD by Inogic!

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Maintaining a clean and accurate database is a fundamental challenge for any organization. Duplicate records can clutter databases, causing errors and inefficiencies. This problem is particularly troublesome in CRM systems, where duplicate data can weaken customer relationship management, disrupt sales processes, and jeopardize data integrity. Although basic deduplication can be handled with the built-in duplicate detection rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, handling large databases and intricate duplicate situations demands more advanced solutions. Checkout our article on Duplicate Data Management in Dynamics 365 CRM – OOB Duplicate Detection vs Inogic’s Data DeDuplication App!

Data deduplication tools can reduce costs by decreasing the time and labour needed for manual deduplication. Depending on the dataset size, these savings can range from 10% to 70% of the costs associated with manual efforts, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

This is where DeDupeD by Inogic comes into play. This robust data hygiene app is designed to detect, prevent, and merge duplicate records across various CRM entities, including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases, and more. DeDupeD ensures data accuracy and consistency by allowing users to find duplicates within the same entity and across different entities, define rules to minimize duplication, and merge historical duplicates in bulk. Additionally, DeDupeD can identify duplicates based on changes in fields or columns and upon saving records.

To enhance the data deduplication experience, Inogic has introduced new features to the DeDupeD app, including phonetic/pronunciation based fuzzy duplicate matching and an Advanced Duplicate Filter feature.

Join our upcoming webinar to explore these exciting new features and discover how DeDupeD can help maintain CRM data integrity.

Webinar: CRM Duplicate Data Cleaning Done Right

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Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2024


3 PM AEDT: https://bit.ly/3xHEr14

11 AM CET: https://bit.ly/3L9rJLF

11 AM EDT: https://bit.ly/3RTvxEN

Webinar Highlights: Discover the Exciting New Features of the DeDupeD App

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the powerful new features of the DeDupeD App, designed to enhance your CRM data management:

  • Phonetic Fuzzy Matching: This feature uses pronunciation based fuzzy matching to accurately detect duplicates based on pronunciation, ensuring no similar sounding records slip through the cracks.
  • Advanced Duplicate Filter: Use flexible fetch XML queries to detect duplicates in any CRM scenario, providing greater control and precision.
  • Detect Duplicates: Identify duplicate records, whether they exist within the same entity or span across different entities.
  • Prevent Duplicates: Prevent duplicate records from being added to the CRM system from both server and client sides.
  • Merge Duplicates Efficiently: Detect and merge duplicates directly from the record form, streamlining the deduplication process.
  • Merge Duplicates in Bulk: Identify and merge up to N number of existing duplicate records in CRM in bulk, saving time and effort.
  • Familiar User Experience: Customize the app’s duplicate merge UI to resemble CRM entity view columns, providing a familiar and intuitive interface for deduplication tasks.

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To test the app's potential for managing CRM deduplication processes, you can get the app for a 15 day free trial from Microsoft AppSource or Inogic’s website.

For detailed information on the app’s features, visit our product documentation site.

If you wish to book a personalized app demo, feel free to email us at crm@inogic.com.

Register now to find out how DeDupeD's innovative new features can ensure the accuracy of your CRM database.

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