Will Copilot replace Power Pages developers?

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Will Copilot replace Power Pages developers?


Microsoft Power Pages is a low-code, secure, enterprise-grade platform for creating, hosting, and managing modern external-facing business websites. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform family, which also includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents.

Power Pages and Copilot

Like many of Microsoft’s products, Power Pages has been getting the Copilot treatment. Copilot gives users the option to create forms, columns, and web pages all in real time using their natural language. So does that mean all the developers out there should be shaking in their boots? Not exactly… well at least not yet. Let’s take a look at the functionality Copilot provides and where is it is lacking.

Using Copilot with Power Pages

When you log in to Power Pages you have a couple of ways to interact with Copilot. The first is on the left-hand popout window where you can ask any number of questions. Which works great for getting information on how to use Power Pages. You can also use it to perform certain actions for you. Such as creating new forms, columns, and web pages. Let’s put it to work by selecting to button to create a basic form and ask Copilot to create an account form for us using the existing account table.

As you can see it creates a nice preview for us with several columns already on the form for us. Asking it to move them around works great. Now let’s add the primary contact to the form at the top.  (Read the full post on www.beringer.net)


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