New features in Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app to Detect, Clean and Prevent Duplicate Data!

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Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

While Dynamics 365 CRM provides built-in duplicate detection rules to help manage duplicate records, these rules may not suffice for complex scenarios. For example, they may only prevent duplicates during data entry without detecting existing ones, for more detailed information you can refer to this blog, Duplicate Data Management in Dynamics 365 CRM – OOB Duplicate Detection vs Inogic’s Data DeDuplication App! For more sophisticated deduplication requirements, businesses are now signing up for DeDupeD by Inogic.

DeDupeD is a deduplication solution designed for Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse. It enables you to identify, prevent, and merge duplicate records across all CRM entities (both Out-of-the-Box and Custom). With DeDupeD, you can detect duplicates across different entities, consolidate duplicate records within the same entity, prevent duplicates from entering the CRM from both the server and client sides, and streamline the cleanup of existing duplicate records in bulk. This makes DeDupeD a valuable ally in the fight against duplicate CRM data.

Here are some exciting new updates to DeDupeD:

  • User Access Privilege: Admins can now exclude users from accessing DeDupeD's features within Dynamics 365 CRM, enhancing control and security.

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

  • Merge Duplicates: Easily identify and merge duplicates directly from individual records, ensuring all pertinent information is consolidated under the appropriate master record.

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

  • View Columns: Customize the duplicate merge interface to match your CRM entity view columns, facilitating a seamless user experience.

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

  • Form Selection: Activate duplicate detection on specific entity forms to focus efforts on areas most susceptible to duplicate entries.

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

  • Fuzzy Matching: Detect duplicates by utilizing fuzzy matching method, ensuring comprehensive detection regardless of minor typos or inconsistencies.

Check out this video explaining DeDupeD’s fuzzy feature in detail.

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

  • Merge Selected Records: Gain flexibility in choosing which specific records to merge during bulk data clean-up operations, enabling meticulous data curation and accuracy.

Dynamics 365 CRM DeDupeD app

These are just some of the new and exciting updates to the DeDupeD app, with many more features available. For further details, refer to our user guide.

Ready to explore the app first-hand? Download a free 15-day trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

Questions about implementing DeDupeD in CRM? Reach out to us at for a personalized app demo.

Don't let duplicate data hinder your CRM's performance. With DeDupeD's advanced deduplication capabilities, unlock the full potential of your customer data.

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