Managed System Administration and Monitoring Support for Dynamics 365 Solutions Explained

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Realizing and benefiting from Dynamics 365's full potential requires more than the basic implementation. It requires guidance from an expereinced managed support partner that specializes in Dynamics 365 solutions to provide your team with ongoing training, solution reviews, proactive maintenance, solution optimization, and more.

One important, and often overlooked aspect of a well rounded managed support service is professional systen administration and montioring. This improtant service, if delivered correctly, will streamline data management, enhance user adoption, reduce costs, improve security, and prevent data breaches.

To help you understand the potential impacts this service can have on your business, we've highlighted the top three benefits of using a professional system admin and monitoring service.

Improved Internal Security

Cyber-attacks and phishing scams have become increasingly sophisticated. The risk associated with a data breach is a serious concern for all companies, regardless of size or industry.

While taking precautions against external attacks is critical, paying attention to what's happening internally is equally important.

As your company grows and your employee roster changes, proper management of user access to your sensitive data is paramount. Keeping track of the specific roles and permissions granted can be challenging, especially when juggling everything else essential to a growing business.

How would a managed support system admin service handle internal security?

First of all, your managed support service partner must be easily accessible and quickly informed of any user role access changes. Regularly scheduled check-ins will ensure that permissions are current and that employees no longer with the company have their permissions disabled. With an up-to-date user list clearly defining all assigned permission roles, you'll have better insight into your company's internal security. You'll be able to minimize the risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to confidential documents, statistics, and data while safeguarding customer information and reports. You can reduce potential security threats by limiting access to properly verified employees, lowering the chance of a company data breach.

License Management and Optimization

Companies sometimes overestimate the number of Dynamics 365 user licenses their employees need. Current users may need to update credentials, or new hires may require basic access. Failure to understand how licensing works can result in your organization overpaying for licensing fees.

Furthermore, roles and responsibilities change over time, as does the need for updated user licensing. Analyzing your existing user licenses can highlight usage patterns and identify any necessary changes. We'll help you determine the number of licenses that best aligns with your present business needs and budget. This process ensures your licensing remains cost-effective, and you don't pay extra for user access you don't need.

Regular Data Auditing

An optimized data ecosystem within your Dynamics 365 environment requires regular maintenance to assess data storage insufficiencies throughout your organization. However, many companies don't have the expertise to critically review and evaluate their database storage needs. So, they may fail to identify strategies for enhanced data efficiency.

A managed support partner will review historical data to ensure you aren't paying for unnecessary storage space. We can perform clean-ups to identify and remove duplicate or outdated data and other inconsistencies to optimize your data management.

Proactive measures can prevent data overuse, maintain an organized data system, and maximize productivity within your Dynamics 365 solution. Depending on our audit findings and your current and forecast needs, we can suggest new data capacity solutions to prevent overuse and increase storage efficiency.

A Future-Proofed Solution

The benefits of a professional system administration and monitoring service cannot be overstated. They are crucial to keeping your Dynamics 365 solution functioning efficiently. Managed support for Dynamics 365 is just one of the services included in our Hypercare Support program packages. From regularly scheduled data audits to monthly check-ins and ongoing user license management, our responsive system admin and solution monitoring experts work continually to ensure that your Dynamics 365 solution is secure, cost-effective, and optimized for peak efficiency.

With a dedicated helpdesk, regular solution reviews, ongoing user training, and much more, we're committed to helping you achieve the highest possible return on your investment in your Dynamics 365 solution.

Would you like to know more about managed support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions? Contact our experts at Catapult to get pricing or schedule a demo.

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