Extend Dynamic 365 with Plug-Ins

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  Extend Dynamic 365 with Plug-Ins 

A Dynamics 365 plug-in is a powerful feature that can allow you to inject custom functionality directly into your CRM. Plug-ins extend the limits of the native automation tools available within Dynamics 365. Whether you’re looking to automate complex business processes or simply streamline daily tasks, plug-ins are an essential tool for any Dynamics 365 developer.

What is a Dynamics 365 Plug-in?

A plug-in is a custom C# program that you can use to extend the standard behavior of Dynamics 365. When an event occurs, such as the creation of a new record or the update of an existing one, the plugin will execute and perform the program that you have written. This could be as simple as auto-populating a few fields, or as complex as calling an integration with other systems.

Why Use Plug-ins?

Plug-ins provide a level of customization that workflows and Power Automate flows cannot match. They are the best of both worlds, since they can perform automations in real-time while remaining flexible and scalable. You can use plug-ins to validate data before saving a record, integrate with external APIs, or simply perform automation that is impossible to achieve with workflows alone.

How to Make a Plug-in?

Here are a few things to consider before creating a plugin:

  • You'll want working knowledge of C#.
  • Visual Studio, to write, test, and compile your code.
  • And the Dynamics 365 SDK, which provides the necessary libraries to create a plugin.

Now that you have the essentials to get started, below is a 30,000 foot view on the process for creating and implementing a plugin into your CRM (Read full post on www.beringer.net)



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