Enhance Dyanmics 365 Customer Service with Omnichannel, Virtual Agents, and Copilot

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Regardless of industry, the business landscape has become increasingly competitive. The deciding factor between you and your competitors may well be the level of customer service you provide. Customers now demand easy, personalized service across multiple channels. How can you harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enhance customer service? Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers your team the tools they need to be responsive, effective, and productive.

Enhance Customer Service with Dynamics 365 Tools

Go beyond basic employee training and give your team a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of even the most demanding sales challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service encompasses a battalion of tools designed to streamline customer interaction, track account details and interactions, and allow your agents to shine while encouraging customer loyalty.

Knowing your customers allows you to personalize each transaction. Buyers can interact via various channels and conduct business in a way that best suits them, meets their needs, and results in satisfaction. By optimizing your agents' productivity,  you can earn lifelong customers.

So, what are some of the tools available with D365 Customer Service? Our team of Dynamics 365 experts recently had the opportunity to takea a deep dive exploring the expanding world of enhancements to this crucial platform. This post explores how integrating three powerful enhancements to Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Omnichannel for Customer ServicePower Virtual Agents, and Copilot – can transform your business, deliver support, enhance your agents' productivity, and elevate overall customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel for D365

Omnichannel is a comprehensive app augmenting the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Companies can connect and engage with customers across multiple digital channels within a centralized inbox, including SMS, voice, Teams, and social media. Having worked with the integration, our team has been impressed with how it delivered a smooth and consistent customer experience. It allows agents to manage cases efficiently and switch between channels from a single workspace. By combining the Omnichannel experience with other customer service integrations, companies can accommodate customers effectively within their preferred channel.

Power Virtual Agents for Customer Service

Power Virtual Agents is another outstanding integration allowing companies to tailor a responsive chatbot to interact with customers. You can easily customize Power Virtual Agents to ensure accurate and relevant responses, answer questions, and provide information about your products and services in natural-sounding conversations. Providing this self-service option reduces agent workloads while improving the quality of your customer interactions.

The Power Virtual Agent app can even analyze a customer's tone to let sales agents know when they feel positive, negative, or neutral about their experience. Then, agents can adjust their approach to address concerns more effectively. The sentiment analysis data can also be used for analytics and reporting to enhance customer service quality.

Users can design a chatbot conversation flow by setting up dialogues, user prompts, and bot responses with a simple drag-and-drop interface. On top of that, the configured virtual agent easily integrates into the Omnichannel for Customer Service platform, giving it access across multiple channels.

If the chatbot cannot address a complex or sensitive issue, it can connect the customer with a live service agent based on preconfigured routing rules. This allows customers to get the support they need, even if the chatbot is limited in its ability to solve a problem or address a concern.

Copilot for D365 

If you want even more from your Omnichannel and Power Virtual Agent enhanced solution, look no further than Dynamics 365 Copilot. Copilot is an AI-powered assistant within the Dynamics 365 environment. It is a natural language processing tool designed to answer questions and assist with tasks like drafting emails and finding resources. Copilot can access internal information resources, customer emails, CRM data, and external data sources, providing contextual and tailored responses to users' queries.

Dynamics Copilot is available to the complete line of Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions and applications, allowing AI-powered functionality across business processes. But for now, our team is focused on how Copilot can improve customer experiences by assisting agents engaged in digital conversations.

Accessing the tone and context of customer interactions, Copilot can quickly draft agent responses with a single click. It efficiently searches and internal document resources to identify relevant information, facilitating the creation of appropriate, well-informed responses that can be reviewed and sent to the customer. Using the Conversation Booster tool, companies can connect chatbots to the most timely and valuable data to generate accurate responses without additional development.  As a result, developers can spend less time creating primary responses and more time generating complex conversation flows.

Copilot is still relatively new abut, its intriguing features have piqued our interest in what to expect going forward as Microsoft continually builds on its capabilities.

How Catapult Can Help

If your organization utilizes multiple customer service tools, Omnichannel, Power Virtual Agents, and Copilot integrations offer exciting prospects. This trio of applications provides an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for separate platforms and complex connectors. The result is a more versatile and cost-effective customer service solution with improved response times and service quality.

At Catapult, we help growing businesses succeed with Dynamics 365. Contact us today to learn more about enhancing customer service with Omnichannel, Power Virtual Agents, and Copilot for Dynamics 365.

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