What's new for Power Pages in 2024 Release Wave 1?

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Power Pages is a great low-code service that people with wide-ranging skill sets can use to create external-facing websites. Let's take a look at what Microsoft has in store to improve the functionality and accessibility of Power Pages with the 2024 Wave 1 updates.

The four major themes:

Microsoft has four major themes they are investing in for wave 1. The first theme is unsurprisingly generative AI. As with many Microsoft products copilot is being worked into Power Pages more and more. The goal is to have copilot assist in every step of the site-building process. The second theme is data connectivity. The idea is to connect data seamlessly between many different sources. One way they are doing this in wave 1 is by allowing us to create virtual tables from the Power Pages studio. The third theme is collaboration with low code and pro-dev tools. Finally, the fourth theme is security and governance.

Now let's take a look at some of the planned releases they have around these themes.

Power Pages Copilot

The next feature we can expect from copilot goes into public preview in April 2024. This will allow users to get answers from website data using copilot. Users can just ask copilot question about the websites in natural language and get answers without having to spend time searching the site manually.

Design Studio

There are two features planned for general availability in wave 1. The first is enhanced file upload in May 2024. The enhanced file upload just makes for an all-around improved file experience for end users in power pages. It now allows for increased file size limits for SharePoint uploads, drag and drop support, and uploading files from cloud storage locations or the camera. The second feature is the ability to create virtual (read full post on www.beringer.net)


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