Unlock Dynamics 365 User Behavior with Our Free Microsoft Clarity Getting Started Checklist

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Ever feel like you're flying blind when it comes to user experience within your Dynamics 365 environment? Traditional reports tell part of the story, but what if you could actually see how users interact with the platform?

That's why we love Microsoft Clarity. With heatmaps, session recordings, and more, Clarity reveals exactly how users navigate Dynamics.

Normally, you cannot activate Microsoft Clarity on Dynamics. However, we've got a smooth and easy workaround for you.

Our Microsoft Clarity experts put together a free getting started guide to help you easily activate Microsoft Clarity on Dynamics 365.

What You'll Get:

  • Effortless Clarity Setup: We'll guide you through a seamless installation and configuration process for Clarity on your Dynamics platform, including our exclusive shortcut for bypassing the usual integration challenges.
  • User Behavior Revealed: Become a Clarity pro! Learn how to use heatmaps to see where users focus their attention, watch session recordings to witness their workflow, and identify areas where users might be getting stuck.
  • Insights You Can Use: Our checklist shows you how to take what you learn about user behavior and turn it into actions to improve Dynamics and make it easier to use.

Benefits for You:

  • See How Users Navigate: Finally understand how users move around in Dynamics, what features they use the most, and where they run into problems.
  • Make Dynamics Better: Use your newfound knowledge to fix issues that slow users down and make Dynamics more intuitive for everyone.
  • Free Tool, Big Results: Leverage the power of a free tool like Microsoft Clarity to gain valuable user insights and optimize your Dynamics platform, leading to better adoption and increased productivity.

Stop guessing and start understanding! Download our free getting started checklist today and unlock the secrets of user behavior in your Dynamics environment!


P.S. Don't forget, this checklist includes our exclusive shortcut for integrating Clarity with Dynamics. This time-saving tip is a game-changer for anyone managing a Dynamics environment!

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