5 Ways SMS and CRM Integration Can Benefit Businesses using Dynamics 365 CRM

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SMS & CRM Integration

To develop effective sales processes, businesses need every advantage to connect with their customers and build lasting relationships. And for that, you need to reach them and be seen. And your traditional marketing channels like emails and digital ads aren’t giving you the results.

So, what’s the solution?

Classic TEXTING!

A survey found that 91% of business owners and marketing managers see higher conversion rates with integrated marketing campaigns that include SMS.

Also, text messages boast a phenomenal 98% open rate compared to just 20% for emails. This useful statistic highlights the power of SMS for immediate communication and engagement. However, managing separate SMS platforms alongside your CRM can lead to swivel chairing. And for employees who directly deal with clients and partners, can be very counterproductive.

One of the best ways to save time in navigating between multiple platforms is to leverage an SMS and CRM integration solution.

Enter TextSMS4Dynamics app. It seamlessly integrates SMS and Dynamics 365 CRM, enabling businesses to communicate with clients via SMS within CRM.

The app provides features like

  • Messaging automation
  • Multimedia support,
  • Store SMS conversations as historical sessions within CRM
  • Create CRM records from text SMS.

These features provide businesses with benefits such as high open rates, instant delivery, budget-friendly costs, personal touch, and a streamlined workflow.

In this blog article, we will explore 5 ways TextSMS4Dynamics can help businesses leverage SMS and CRM integration:

Leverage a Synchronized Messaging Interface: Users can send text SMS directly from respective CRM records and receive notifications for incoming SMS messages within CRM. In this way, salespeople can stay aware of important sales updates and quickly respond to incoming leads and customer inquiries directly from CRM, saving them the hassle of juggling between the two platforms.

Create Personalized Text SMS: Personalized messages can help you grab your customer's attention. When it comes to crafting personalized SMS for marketing purposes, the customer contact information stored in your CRM can benefit you greatly by making you context-aware.

Send Promotional Offers with Bulk Messaging: TextSMS4Dynamics enables users to send bulk messages for promotional offers directly from Dynamics 365 CRM. Select specific contacts to segment your customer base within Dynamics 365 CRM before sending the message. This ensures your promotional offer reaches the most relevant audience, maximizing impact and ROI.

Automate SMS for Increased Efficiency: TextSMS4Dynamics allows you to set up automated SMS triggers based on actions within Dynamics 365 CRM. Imagine automatically sending appointment reminders, welcome messages, or feedback requests – all without lifting a finger. This helps your team to save time and focus on their core activities.

Create SMS templates to Save Time:  Create message templates using TextSMS4Dynamics in Dynamics 365 CRM for commonly used responses and sales communication scenarios such as discount offers, greeting new prospects, and feedback requests. Once templates are created, users can utilize these predefined message formats and just tweak them before use based on different scenarios, saving a lot of time.

There is much more to TextSMS4Dynamics apps features than this.

I hope this article helped you understand how SMS and CRM integration can help businesses using Dynamics 365 CRM.

If you’re curious to try the app firsthand, you can download it for a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

To learn more about this amazing SMS and CRM integration, you can visit our online docs or mail us at crm@inogic.com for a free app demo.

If you are looking for a solution to integrate WhatsApp with CRM, then no worries! Inogic’s WhatsApp4Dynamics app can help you do just that. With its useful features, you can seamlessly chat with customers on WhatsApp directly from within Dynamics 365 CRM without the hassle of juggling between the two platforms.

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