Power BI Queries: Append and Merge

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Power BI Queries: Append and Merge


Power BI is a robust business analytics tool that allows users to visualize data and share insights across an organization, or embed them in an app or website. Two of the most powerful features in Power BI are append and merge queries. These features are part of Power Query, a data connection technology that enables you to discover, connect, combine, and refine data across a wide variety of sources.

Append Queries in Power BI

Appending queries is essentially about combining data from two or more tables into one comprehensive table. This is particularly useful when you have data of the same type spread across multiple tables and you need to perform a unified analysis.

Using an Append Query

In the example below, we will take a look at combining two tables, cookies and chips, into one table called products using the append query. Combining these tables gives us a better sense of all of the products our fictional convenience store offers.

Our two tables have the same columns with the same data types. Product name, price, and calories. This will allow us to perform an append query to create the master products table mentioned above.


In the power query editor, you'll want to click "Append Queries" in the top right hand corner. Then click, "Append Queries as New". This will create an entirely new query for us instead of replacing the two existing tables with one appended table.

Next, you'll want to select the tables you want to append. You can select two tables or three or more tables. Click Ok.

This will create a new query for us, typically it will be called "Append 1" unless you already have another query with that name. I went ahead and renamed it to products to give it a bit more meaning...   (Read Full Post on www.beringer.net)


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