Anticipated Arrival: Wave 1 2024 Introduces Consent Management in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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Are you ready for an exciting update in Dynamics 365? The Wave 1 2024 release brings forth a highly anticipated feature: consent management directly within Customer Insights. This enhancement promises to streamline your workflow and provide greater control over communication preferences, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys merges customer experience, generative AI, and marketing automation, enabling businesses to personalize end-to-end journeys and strengthen customer relationships.

Managing Consent: A Game-Changing Feature

With the latest update, Dynamics 365 introduces a significant enhancement: the ability to manage consent directly from Lead and Contact records within Customer Insights. This feature marks a crucial milestone in empowering organizations to maintain compliance and respect individual preferences regarding communication. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys is no longer limited to marketers alone. It now extends its capabilities to business users, leveraging AI and natural language input assistance. These users can construct trigger-based journeys that span multiple touchpoints, nurturing relationships from prospects through sales and support.

How it empowers Organizations

1. Engage Customers in Real Time:

  • Organizations can create trigger-based customer journeys using channels like emailtext message, or push notifications.
  • These journeys respond to customer-led actions in the moments that matter, ensuring timely interactions.
  • The right channel is chosen for each individual, enhancing engagement.

2. Win Customers and Foster Loyalty:

  • Real-time customer journeys span all touchpoints, providing an end-to-end experience.
  • Personalization is key, with AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, and analytics.
  • Granular lead qualification strengthens the synergy between sales and marketing.

3. Unified, Adaptable Platform:

  • Customize and connect with existing tools.
  • Efficiently manage compliance requirements and accessibility guidelines.

Remember these 3 key considerations when creating customer journeys:

  • Who: Define your audience using segments (e.g., age, location, income).
  • What: Choose the communication type (email, push notification, or text message).
  • When: Plan a time or trigger the communication based on customer actions.

Key Functionality Highlights

  1. Enabling the Feature: To begin using this feature, ensure you’re up to date with at least version 1.1.38813.71 for the marketing app. Navigate to the Feature switches and activate the “Manage consent in contact and lead forms” option. Although in preview, there’s no reason to hold back from experiencing its benefits.
  2. Using the Communication Control: Upon activation, the new control will appear on the out-of-the-box Contact and Lead forms. It allows you to view and manage consent records for commercial and transactional purposes, enhancing communication preferences management within your organization.
  3. Security Access Requirements: Ensure all users have appropriate security roles to access the Communication tab and interact with consent records. Adjust existing security roles or create new ones to grant read and write access to the necessary tables, ensuring compliance and data integrity.
  4. Adding the Communication Control to Custom Forms: Customize your Lead and Contact forms to include the Communication tab. Adding the Contactability Grid component is straightforward and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing forms, facilitating consent management across your organization.

Feature details

  • Get a summary view of the consent provided by each contact or lead to understand if the customer is contactable at a glance.
  • Easily modify the consent for the email addresses, phone numbers, and custom channels of a contact or lead directly from the contact or lead forms, giving you control over the type of messages sent to the customer on each channel.
  • Understand customer consent for each line of business –  by drilling down into consent provided to each compliance profile configured for your organization.

Empowering Your Team with Enhanced Consent Management

The ability to manage consent directly from Lead and Contact records offers numerous benefits for your organization. By infusing Dynamics 365 with consent management capabilities, you can streamline communication preferences, ensure compliance with regulations, and foster trust with your audience.


The Wave 1 2024 release for Dynamics 365 brings forth a groundbreaking feature: consent management directly within Customer Insights. This enhancement promises to revolutionize how organizations handle communication preferences and compliance. By understanding its functionality and implementation, you can leverage this feature to its full potential and elevate your customer engagement strategies.

Visit our blog for more updates and insights on how to maximize the capabilities of Dynamics 365 and empower your team with greater control and efficiency. If you’re ready to embrace the future of consent management, don’t hesitate to explore this feature and unlock its full potential for your organization.

How can we help?

Are you ready to embark on this journey with us? Let’s work together to infuse Dynamics 365 with enhanced consent management capabilities, ensuring compliance and fostering trust with your audience. Our expert team at enCloud9 specializes in Dynamics 365 solutions and can tailor strategies to meet your unique business needs. Contact enCloud9 today to discover how we can streamline your communication preferences, ensure compliance, and elevate your customer engagement strategies.

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