Webinar: Manage Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Data with Master Record Selection, Fuzzy Matching, and More!

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Data cleansing, a critical step in data management, entails recognizing and rectifying disparities, absent values, and duplicates within a dataset. As per research conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, approximately 30% of data in CRM may be duplicated, underscoring the importance of effective data sanitation procedures.

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provides fundamental deduplication capabilities through its built-in duplicate detection rules, organizations grappling with extensive CRM databases and intricate duplicate scenarios find it essential to seek automation and advanced functionalities for seamless duplicate handling.

In such instances, exploring ISV solutions like DeDupeD by Inogic for data hygiene requirements is recommended. Be sure to review our article on Duplicate Data Management in Dynamics 365 CRM – OOB Duplicate Detection vs Inogic’s Data DeDuplication App!

With DeDupeD, users can instantly identify duplicates, block duplicates from entering both server and client sides, merge up to N number of duplicate records in bulk for all entities (both OOB and Custom), identify duplicates when record status changes, establish up to 10 duplicate matching rules per entity, and access duplicate detection for Dynamics 365 for mobile devices.

Despite the incorporation of numerous features, challenges remained in optimizing the deduplication process to its maximum potential. These challenges encompassed difficulties in selecting the correct master record, unfamiliarity with the user interface for merging duplicates, limited control over the timing and location of duplicate detection, and insufficient flexibility in bulk merging.

However, rest assured! Upholding our commitment to continual innovation and enhancement, Team Inogic is excited to announce the introduction of several amazing new features to the DeDupeD application.

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how these new features of DeDupeD app can add value to your operations.

Webinar: Manage Duplicate CRM Data with Fuzzy Matching, Master Record Selection and more with DeDupeD New Release!


Date: Wednesday, March 13th, 2024


3 PM AEDT: https://bit.ly/3Pb05jL
11 AM CET: https://bit.ly/48HJbjy
11 AM EST: https://bit.ly/3PbvBOO

During this webinar, you'll have the opportunity to explore the latest features of the DeDupeD App:

  • Merge Duplicates: Easily detect and merge duplicates directly from individual records using the DeDupeD UI and select the appropriate master record for merging directly from the record form.
  • View Columns: Customize the DeDupeD duplicate merge UI to resemble CRM entity view columns, providing a familiar deduplication experience.
  • Form Selection: Activate duplicate detection on specific entity forms according to your needs.
  • Fuzzy Matching Method: Utilize the Fuzzy duplicate matching method to identify duplicates, even with minor difference, thereby enhancing data accuracy.
  • Merge Selected Records: When merging duplicate records in bulk, users can now choose which specific records to merge while leaving others untouched.

Excited to learn more? Register here!

If you're eager to explore the app's capabilities in managing your duplicate data, download the app for a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

For a deeper dive into the app's features, visit our documentation site. For personalized app demonstrations or any inquiries about the app, don't hesitate to contact us at crm@inogic.com.

Don't miss out – register now to discover how the innovative features of the DeDupeD app can help maintain the accuracy of your CRM database.


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