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Delete Duplicate CRM Data

Accurate data serves as the foundation for any successful CRM system and sales process. However, the persistent issue of duplicate records complicates matters. Duplicate entries not only cause confusion and clutter in your database but also undermine your sales and marketing endeavours.

Moreover, not all duplicates are identical. Occasionally, you encounter records that are partially similar, with variations in names, addresses, or phone numbers, making them challenging to detect using standard duplicate matching methods like Exact, First N Characters, or Last N Characters. Regrettably, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM lacks the nuanced merging logic necessary to address these "fuzzy duplicates."

Choosing the correct master record becomes even more crucial when dealing with duplicates that exhibit partial similarities. Opting for the most comprehensive and current record ensures that you preserve valuable customer insights. For instance, merging a contact with a detailed purchase history and recent interactions into an empty record would result in the loss of essential information.

This is where the ISV app DeDupeD by Inogic comes into play. The app enhances the deduplication process by offering advanced merging logic, including fuzzy merging. Users can select the preferred master record while merging duplicates, retain essential field values, and discard the rest, thereby improving the overall deduplication experience.

  • Optimal Master Record Selection: DeDupeD offers a nuanced approach to matching criteria, enabling users to designate specific parameters for selecting the most thorough and current record as the master. This guarantees the preservation of valuable customer insights throughout the merging process.
Delete Duplicate CRM Data
Delete Duplicate CRM Data
  • Fuzzy Matching Capability: This robust functionality detects partial duplicates effectively. By implementing fuzzy merging logic, users can pinpoint duplicates within records with minor discrepancies, such as typos or abbreviations.
Delete Duplicate CRM Data
Delete Duplicate CRM Data

For instance, if an existing contact record contains the last name 'Smith' and a new record is entered with the last name 'Smeth,' this method allows for the detection of duplicate records containing 'Smeth' and facilitates their merging into the master record. Consequently, all pertinent information is captured, facilitating the creation of a cohesive customer profile.

Delete Duplicate CRM Data
Delete Duplicate CRM Data
Delete Duplicate CRM Data
Delete Duplicate CRM Data

DeDupeD offers an array of features that go beyond the basic deduplication:

  • On-Demand Duplication Detection: Easily identify duplicates across any Dynamics 365 CRM entities, whether they are out-of-the-box or custom.
  • Duplication Prevention: Effectively prevent duplicates from being created, both on the server and client sides.
  • Streamlined Duplicate Merging: Merge duplicate records directly from individual records, simplifying the process.
  • Master Record Selection: Ensure the selection of the correct master record during the duplicate merging process.
  • Bulk Merge Duplicates: Merge up to N number of duplicates at once with DeDupeD's Windows-based tool, allowing for efficient management.
  • Familiar User Interface: Display entity view columns within the DeDupeD duplicate merge interface for a seamless deduplication experience.

With these features, DeDupeD revolutionizes your CRM deduplication experience.

Don't let duplicate data hinder your CRM's performance. Embrace the advanced capabilities of deduplication tools like DeDupeD to unleash the full potential of your customer data.

For more information on DeDupeD, explore our comprehensive product documentation.

To try out the app first-hand, visit our website or Microsoft AppSource for a 15-day free trial.

If you require a personalized demonstration of the app or have inquiries regarding its integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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