Dynamics 365 2024 release wave 1 from Microsoft

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 2024 release wave 1: Overview


It's that time again...Microsoft released the Dynamics 365 2024 Release Wave 1 Plan and there are so many updates, it's a lot to process. Let's dive in!

Spoiler alert! - the Production deployment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 2024 release wave 1 updates begins on 4/1/24 and continues through September 2024.

Highlights of this release wave include:

Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales folks, rejoice! Dynamics 365 Sales, the king of sales apps, just got even better. It's all about knowing your customers like BFFs, closing deals faster than ever, and saving you tons of time. This new update gives you all the customer info you need, right when you need it. Plus, it throws in smart suggestions to help you move deals along and makes the whole thing super easy to use. Oh, and companies can now customize it exactly how they want, and there's even more fancy AI stuff to lend a hand. Basically, it's like having a sales superpower in your pocket.

Salespeople on the go, listen up! Your sales sidekick, Microsoft Copilot for Sales, is getting even better. It's got all the latest AI smarts to help you close deals faster than ever. Plus, you can now access it right from your Outlook and Teams mobile apps. No more switching between screens - it's all at your fingertips!

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Get ready for a customer service supercharge! Dynamics 365 Customer Service is making things slicker for agents with Copilot's fancy response checks and built-in troubleshooting tools. Plus, using multiple apps at once just got easier. They're also giving voice chat a boost, and making sure the system connects customers with the right agent, even faster. (Continue reading on www.beringer.net)

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