Identifying and Resolving Custom Dynamics 365 Errors with Microsoft Clarity 

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Identifying and resolving custom Dynamics 365 errors can be a daunting task. These errors often arise from intricate customizations and unique user interactions, making them challenging to recreate and address effectively. Our team and our customers have gotten a lot of value out of using Microsoft Clarity to pinpoint these errors. In this article, we walk you through how to do this. 

Understanding Custom Dynamics 365 Errors 

Unlike standard configurations, Dynamics 365 customizations can vary significantly from one instance to another, leading to inconsistencies and unforeseen errors. One of the primary difficulties in dealing with custom Dynamics 365 errors is the inability to recreate them consistently. This lack of reproducibility hampers troubleshooting efforts, prolongs resolution times, and ultimately impacts user experience and productivity. 

Pinpoint & Recreate Errors 

Microsoft Clarity is a powerful tool for finding and fixing errors in custom Dynamics 365 setups. With its advanced filters, admins can pinpoint specific errors and watch session recordings tied to them. 

Dynamics Errors in Microsoft Clarity

This feature lets admins dive into the user experience that caused the error. By watching how users interact in real-time, admins can spot patterns and potential causes of errors, helping them come up with targeted fixes. 

Plus, Clarity's knack for creating a full picture around errors is a big help. By blending error filtering with session recordings, admins can replay the user's journey to the error, giving vital context for solving it. This approach not only speeds up fixes but also boosts admins' understanding of Dynamics 365, allowing them to catch problems early. 

Identifying Navigation Issues 

Custom Dynamics applications can pose significant navigation challenges due to their intricate workflows, unique menu structures, integration points with other platforms, role-based access restrictions, and specific organizational processes. Users may struggle to locate features, understand terminology, or navigate between different sections efficiently.  

Microsoft Clarity offers invaluable assistance in addressing these challenges. Through session recordings, heatmaps, event tracking, and error tracking, Clarity provides insights into user behavior and navigation patterns.  

Heatmaps on Dynamics

 This data empowers businesses to identify pain points, optimize navigation pathways, and improve overall user experience within custom Dynamics applications.  

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Analyzing Form Interactions 

In custom Dynamics applications, identifying and addressing issues with form interactions is crucial for optimizing user experience and productivity. Microsoft Clarity offers valuable insights into how users interact with custom forms, allowing administrators to pinpoint common pain points, such as data entry challenges or validation errors.  

 By leveraging Clarity's session recordings and heatmaps, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior within custom forms and identify areas for improvement in streamlining the form-filling process.  

Monitoring Page Load Times 

Custom Dynamics pages often contain complex configurations and integrations, which can contribute to longer load times compared to standard pages. Users may encounter delays when accessing custom forms, dashboards, or reports, impacting their productivity and satisfaction.  

You can use Microsoft Clarity to pinpoint specific custom pages or components that are causing delays. By analyzing Clarity's data on page load times, you can pinpoint performance bottlenecks, optimize custom page configurations, and improve overall system responsiveness.  

Setting Up Microsoft Clarity for Dynamics 365 

As of now, you're unable to activate Microsoft Clarity directly on Dynamics platforms. However, with VisualSP, you can. VisualSP not only makes it easier for you to activate Microsoft Clarity on any web enterprise application, but it also provides you with guidance on interpreting the data. 

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Spotting and resolving errors in Dynamics 365 is key to maintaining system stability and keeping users satisfied. That's why we recommend Microsoft Clarity as a valuable tool to help streamline this process. With its useful features like advanced filtering and detailed session recordings, Clarity can make troubleshooting custom Dynamics 365 errors much easier. It's a tool worth considering to enhance the overall user experience and system performance. 

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