How Michigan State University Conquered Document Management and Storage Costs

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Michigan State University Document Management - Customer Success StoryMassive public universities like Michigan State University (MSU) juggle a constant challenge: streamlining operations while maintaining a large number of documents. But when it came to document management, MSU faced even more significant hurdles: an outdated SharePoint system and potential skyrocketing storage fees on their new CRM platform, Salesforce.

Their saving grace? Getting all those documents to a new SharePoint using a powerful tool called Document Extractor. This innovative software seamlessly integrated with both SharePoint and Salesforce, allowing MSU to:

    • Slash storage costs: Document Extractor efficiently migrated MSU's documents to a new, cost-effective SharePoint system.
    • Boost document accessibility: Documents became readily available from both Salesforce and SharePoint, empowering university-wide collaboration.
    • Maintain user workflows: The genius of Document Extractor? It leaves behind links for each document in Salesforce, ensuring users can access documents without any disruption to their daily routines.

Where can I get more info on University Document Management?

This is just a glimpse into MSU's success story. Read the full blog post to discover:

  • What MSU did to handle the legacy SharePoint and its documents.
  • The key factors behind the software's smooth implementation and user adoption.
  • How MSU achieved significant cost savings and enhanced document accessibility.

And in case you are wondering if there could be a similar solution for a Dynamics 365 environment, the answer is Yes! You can use the integration with SharePoint provided by Microsoft itself and complement it with the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite as described in this article (spoiler alert: if you just use the Microsoft integration you can get yourself into trouble!)

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