Sharpen Your CRM: 3 Dynamic Apps to Boost Data Quality

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3 Dynamics Apps to boost the quality of CRM Data

Tired of inaccurate CRM data hindering your business?

For any business, accurate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information is the lifeblood. Trusted customer data fuels informed decision-making, improves sales forecasting, strengthens customer relationships, and ultimately drives revenue growth.

But let's face it, maintaining data quality can be a challenge. Manual entry errors, accidental deletions, and duplicate records can quickly compromise the effectiveness of your CRM system.

But fear not! Here's how to revolutionize your CRM hygiene with three powerful ISV apps:

1. Empower Informed Decisions: User Adoption Monitor

Sales reps spend a significant chunk of time (21%!) searching for incomplete data within the CRM. This inefficiency not only wastes valuable time but also hinders informed decision-making.

User Adoption Monitor tackles this issue head-on. It:

  • Tracks user actions: Gain insights into how your team interacts with the CRM.
  • Highlights data completeness: Identify areas were data entry needs improvement.
  • Optimizes team efficiency: Ensure everyone has the information they need readily available.

2. Undo the Unexpected: Introducing Undo2Restore

Did you know a whopping 25% of CRM data entries have critical errors? Human mistakes happen, but with Undo2Restore, they're no longer a concern.

This app acts as your safety net, allowing you to:

  • Effortlessly reverse changes: Made a wrong entry? No sweat, simply undo it!
  • Restore deleted records: Recover accidentally deleted data with ease.
  • Manage bulk data operations with confidence: No more worrying about accidentally deleting large sets of information.

3. Eliminate Duplication: DeDupeD - Your Data Guardian

Duplicate records are a silent killer in any CRM, costing businesses an average of $96 per instance.

DeDupeD safeguards your valuable data by:

  • Detecting duplicate records: Identify data inconsistencies before they become a problem.
  • Preventing duplicate entries: Automate checks to ensure clean data from the start.
  • Merging duplicates efficiently: Clean up existing data with ease, even in bulk.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your CRM?

Inogic offers these powerful tools and more to help you achieve flawless data accuracy and operational efficiency. Visit our website or contact us at to learn more.

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