Innovative AI Sales Companions: Leveraging Azure OpenAI for Behavioral Analysis, Keyword Tracking, and more!

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Azure OpenAI Services

Azure OpenAI Service from Microsoft, provides access to advanced AI models, allowing developers to integrate them into applications seamlessly. Here are two of our recent posts discussing the integration of AI technologies into sales processes and their benefits:

Power Automate with Azure OpenAI Services to analyze Buyer Behavior – an AI app by Inogic!

This blog introduces an AI-based solution developed by Inogic called Buyer Behavior Analysis, integrated within Dynamics 365 CRM. It helps CRM users understand customers by analyzing sentiment in interactions, categorizing sentiments as negative, positive, or neutral, and visualizing emotional journeys. Powered by Power Automate and Azure OpenAI Services, it enables sales teams to tailor their approach, predict behavior accurately, and strengthen relationships.

To know more, check the entire blog.

Power Automate teamed with Azure OpenAI Services to track conversations using Keywords!

This blog highlights how Inogic's sales companion, Keyword Tracker, integrated within Dynamics 365 CRM, assists sales associates in addressing customer concerns effectively. By inputting keywords, it identifies the keyword and related words within incoming emails and conversations, allowing tailored responses to customer concerns. This improves efficiency and understanding of customer needs, empowering sales representatives to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Take a look at the blog to see how it operates, including a sales-oriented example.

Inogic Professional Services

Inogic offers comprehensive services in AI, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365, backed by a team of over 150+ experts with extensive industry experience.

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