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In the digital age, the quality of your data can significantly impact your business operations, especially when using complex platforms like Dynamics 365, where users from all over your organization are entering and modifying data. Keeping your data quality high ensures that decision-makers have access to reliable information, leading to more effective strategies and operational efficiencies.

However, with vast amounts of data flowing into your systems, keeping this data clean and accurate poses a substantial challenge. Duplicate records, incorrect entries, and outdated information can make accurate reporting difficult, and inaccuracies can lead decision-makers down the wrong path.

Recognizing these challenges, Techdio has developed an innovative solution designed to enhance your Dynamics 365 data quality effortlessly. Traditional methods of data cleaning can be time-consuming and prone to human error, making it crucial for businesses to leverage automated solutions that can adapt to their evolving needs.

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Learn how the new Microsoft Power Automate rule type delivers unparalleled flexibility for data validation.

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Use a Purpose-Built Solution to Improve Data Quality in Dynamics 365

Enter the Data Quality App by Techdio, a robust application specifically engineered to address the complexities of maintaining data integrity within Dynamics 365. Our solution stands out by offering seamless integration with Dynamics 365, automating the process of data validation and cleansing without disrupting your workflow. By implementing our Data Quality App, businesses can significantly reduce the time and resources spent on data management tasks, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Moreover, the Data Quality App is designed with flexibility in mind, catering to a wide range of data quality requirements. Whether you need to verify contact details, ensure data consistency, or eliminate duplicates, our app provides you with the tools to maintain high-quality data effortlessly. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also supports better customer relationship management and strategic decision-making.

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New Data Quality Rule - Power Automate

The introduction of a new Data Quality Rule using Power Automate marks a significant leap forward in our solution’s data validation capabilities. This feature empowers users to extend their data quality checks beyond the predefined rules within Data Quality App. By harnessing the power of Power Automate, users can design custom validation logic that aligns with their unique business requirements. This flexibility opens up a realm of possibilities, from automating complex data verification processes to integrating with external data sources for enhanced accuracy.

Putting Data Quality App and Power Automate to Work in Dynamics 365

Let’s delve into practical examples of how the Power Automate rule can revolutionize your data management practices.

Physical Address and Email Validation: Our first example demonstrates the app’s capability to validate email addresses in real time. When an email is entered into a Dynamics 365 lead, the Data Quality App and Power Automate work together to:

  • Query an online API to verify the email’s existence and readiness to receive messages.
  • Instantly display the validation result on the Dynamics 365 entity. This quick and efficient process ensures that your email communications are always directed to valid addresses, enhancing your marketing efforts’ effectiveness.

Similarly, address validation plays a crucial role by confirming the physical addresses entered are accurate and existent. This immediate verification process saves valuable time and prevents potential operational and delivery hiccups related to incorrect address information.

Not only can you validate your data with the new Power Automate rule type, but you can also rank data based on the criteria that you specify. You can assign a number, a percentage, or a star rating that best meets your needs, and you can locate this indicator where it is most convenient for your users. Here are a few use cases:

Improving Customer Data Quality: Leverage the power of Data Quality App for isolating and improving customer data that needs attention by:

  • Scoring customer data based on predefined criteria, such as the completeness and accuracy of information.
  • Utilizing flow rules to identify accounts with low data scores, signaling a need for data improvement actions.
  • Offering insights into which customer accounts require immediate attention improves data quality and supports targeted marketing strategies.

Overdue Payments Monitoring: By building a simple flow in Power Automate, you can have the Data Quality App monitor overdue payments by:

  • Automatically check customer details in Business Central for any overdue payments.
  • Providing real-time updates on your financial dashboard within Dynamics 365. This functionality enables businesses to stay on top of their receivables, ensuring a healthier cash flow.

Get More Accurate Dynamics 365 Business Data with Data Quality App

Throughout this article, we’ve explored how our Data Quality App, in conjunction with Power Automate, offers an unparalleled solution for enhancing the integrity and reliability of your Dynamics 365 data. By automating and customizing data quality checks, businesses can ensure their data remains accurate, up-to-date, and fully leveraged for their success.

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