Alerts4Dynamics Webinar: Take Control of Alerts & Notifications within your Dynamics 365 CRM!

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TextSMS4Dynamics by Inogic

Imagine you're drowning in Dynamics 365 CRM, switching between tasks like crazy (we've all been there!). A hot new lead pops up, but it gets lost in the email inbox. Or worse, you miss a crucial update on a major opportunity. Yikes!

Wouldn't it be amazing if your CRM gave you a heads-up about these critical things?

Many businesses using Dynamics 365 still rely on clunky email for important updates.  And let's face it, the built-in notification system might not cut it for everything. This can lead to delays, misunderstandings, and ultimately, lost sales.

That's where Inogic's alerts management app comes to the rescue!

Take Control of Your Dynamics 365 Alerts: Get Alerts4Dynamics

Inogic introduces a robust and innovative integration enabling users to generate, schedule, and oversee alerts and notifications for diverse entities, both Custom and OOB, within Dynamics 365 CRM. This integration empowers users to craft personalized alerts tailored to specific sales events, guaranteeing uninterrupted awareness.

Whether it involves a fresh opportunity, a customer status alteration, a pending task, or a new support case, Alerts4Dynamics ensures users stay informed and in command.

Elevate your sales communication by joining Inogic's exclusive Live Webinar, where you can explore the dynamic features of Alerts4Dynamics!

Webinar: Take control of alerts & notifications in your Dynamics 365 CRM with Alerts4Dynamics!!

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Date: Wednesday, March 27th, 2024
11 AM CET -
11 AM EDT -

[Note: This webinar will run in three different time zones; please register for the session that best fits your time zone]

In this webinar, our product expert will guide you through Alerts4Dynamic's exciting features:

  1. Multiple Alert Types: Generate a range of alert categories such as announcements, rule-based alerts, record-based alerts, and event-based alerts.
  2. Mode of Alerts: Familiarize yourself with different alert delivery methods including pop-ups, form notifications, and email alerts.
  3. Alert Priority Levels: Establish priority levels for your alerts, whether they're informational, warning, or critical.
  4. Multiple languages: Personalize alert messages in multiple languages with advanced text editing capabilities, incorporating emojis, images, and more.
  5. Message-rich text: Elevate your alerts and notifications with rich-text formatting options, enabling various text styles, hyperlinks, and images for engaging and detailed messages.
  6. Search Notifications: Users can swiftly locate desired alerts, announcements, and notifications through a quick search functionality.

Ensure your success isn't compromised by overlooked notifications! Secure your spot - Register Now!!

Interested in trying out this solution beforehand? Download a 15-day free trial from Microsoft AppSource or our website.

PS: Tight on time for the webinar? No problem! Register now to receive the webinar recording!

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