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Your favorite Maps for CRM app

For years, Maplytics has enjoyed the incredible support of amazing clients, reflected in the fantastic reviews they've shared on Microsoft AppSource and their Success Stories. These reviews stand as a testament to the efficiency and seamless service we offer and to the value Maplytics delivers in seamlessly integrating Maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dataverse. Consistently recognized as a top-rated and preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Maplytics boasts numerous positive comments and a string of 5-star ratings from satisfied users. More than just words, these reviews serve as a valuable source of trust and validation.

A tide of appreciation washes over the review section, with users gushing about their favorite aspects and features of the product. We've even been blessed with thoughtful suggestions for improvement, which our dedicated team is already tackling with gusto. It's a heartwarming space for everyone - existing clients, potential leads, and our team members - fostering trust, transparency, and a constant drive to evolve.

Help us Shape the Future of Maplytics - Contribute Your Maplytics Experience on Microsoft AppSource or by following these simple steps.

Steps to Share Your reviews/ratings on Microsoft AppSource

Note: For adding a review on Microsoft AppSource, you need to log in using the CRM environment

1. Sign In:


You can directly access AppSource from your CRM environment from the path below

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

Search for the App:

  • Use the search bar to find the specific app for which you want to leave a review.

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

2. Navigate to the "Ratings + reviews" Section:

  • Click on the app to go to its details page.

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

  • Look for a section called "Ratings + Reviews" on the app's details page.

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

3. Write and Submit Your Review:

  • In the "Ratings + reviews" section, you will find an option to write a review.
  • Provide a star rating and detailed feedback based on your experience with the app.
  • After completing the review form, look for a "Submit" or "Post" button to submit your review.

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

Steps to Share Your reviews/ratings on the website

G2 reviews are auto-synced to our Microsoft AppSource page so, one can post Maplytics reviews here. The name of the reviewer, ratings given by them, and the review written, all get synced! The stars and reviews would help in our journey and we would be delighted to know your thoughts and opinions about us and work on suggestions.

Here are the steps to add a review on

1. Write a Review:

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

2. Login or Create an Account:

  • If you don't have an account, you may need to sign up for one using a business email ID. If you already have an account, log in.

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

3. Provide Information:

  • Follow the prompts to provide details about your experience. This might include rating the product, writing a title, and adding a detailed review.
  • G2 typically asks for specific information such as pros, cons, and other details about your experience. Provide as much detail as possible to help other users.
  • The name of the reviewer, ratings given, and review submitted to AppSource get synced with G2.

Your favorite Maps for CRM app

4. Submit Your Review:

  • After completing the review form, submit your review. G2 may ask for additional information about you and your organization before publishing the review.

5. Share Your Review:

  • Consider sharing your review on social media or with your network to help others discover your insights.

Countless studies show that 95% of customers consult online reviews before buying, making them a powerful barometer of product quality and trust. In this age, reviews are the backbone of the sales process, and Maplytics is no exception. We're deeply grateful for the insightful reviews we've received so far, and we warmly encourage our valued clients to keep sharing their experiences. Each review helps us better understand your needs and fuels our passion for continuous improvement. So let your voices be heard and your feedback shape the future of Maplytics!

Until then,

Happy Reviewing!

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