Text SMS Automation: The Engagement Powerhouse for Modern CRM

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Text SMS Integration for dynamics 365 CRM

In the age of instant gratification and constant connection, customers expect businesses to communicate quickly and conveniently. While email and traditional phone calls still have their place, text SMS automation delivers lightning-fast communication and unmatched engagement for your CRM, making it the undeniable CRM powerhouse for boosted response rates and customer satisfaction.

But why is it so effective?

Because text messages offer a fast, easy way to communicate, fitting seamlessly into their busy lives. Plus, personalization options allow for targeted messages that resonate deeply. The combination of high open rates and immediate attention translates to significantly higher response rates. Studies show that 80% of customers prefer text messaging.

  • Unmatched Open Rates: Text messages boast open rates of 98% compared to the average 20% for emails. This means your message gets seen – and acted upon – faster. Text messages land directly on the user's most prized possession – their phone. This ensures immediate attention and higher response rates. Customers crave convenience.
  • Increase Response Rate: Text messages can generate response rates up to 10x higher than emails. Text messages facilitate real-time communication, fostering a closer relationship between you and your customers.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks like appointment reminders and follow-up messages, freeing up your team to focus on complex tasks and personalized interactions.
  • Personalized Touch at Scale: Segment your audience and send targeted messages based on customer data, creating a sense of personalization and relevance that fosters stronger relationships.

Text SMS Automation Integration

But what exactly is text SMS automation, and why should CRM professionals pay attention?

Text SMS Automation Explained:

Imagine automatically sending personalized text messages based on specific actions within your CRM system. Text SMS automation streamlines workflows, eliminates manual tasks, and ensures consistent, timely communication with your customers, all directly through their preferred channel – their mobile phone.

How Can Businesses Leverage Text SMS Automation?

Here's how it can transform your business process,

  • Customer support: Resolve issues faster answer questions, provide updates, and offer real-time assistance through text messages. Quick reply will reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. For Ex, you can request ratings, gather suggestions, and improve your services based on direct customer input.
  • Sales: Send personalized greetings, confirm appointments, and offer relevant promotions. For Ex, you can close deal faster by sending timely follow-up messages, address concerns instantly, and negotiate offers on the fly.
  • Marketing: Engage customers instantly to promote new products, flash sales, and exclusive offers directly to their pockets. For Ex, did you see our new product launch video? 85% of viewers loved it! Click here to watch [link]."

This is just a glimpse, there are many more examples. Text SMS Automation reduces costs, improves team efficiency, and creates a seamless customer journey.

Text SMS Automation with Inogic's TextSMS4Dynamics

Unlocking the Power with Inogic's TextSMS4Dynamics:

While several text SMS automation tools exist, choosing the right partner is crucial. offers a seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, eliminating the need for complex integrations and ensuring a smooth user experience.

These Features sets Inogic’s TextSMS4Dynamics apart:

  • It also integrates CRM data with SMS, providing users with access to customer information and context-rich conversations.
  • Send and receive messages and notifications directly from within the Dynamics 365 CRM interface.
  • Leverage automation capabilities, allowing users to set up trigger messages based on specific events, such as sending automated SMS messages on CRM actions.
  • Store and easily access conversation history in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allowing users to trace and build upon conversations from past chats effortlessly.

How to use and set TextSMS4Dynamics?

Installing TextSMS4Dynamics is a quick and easy! Simply download the solution from our website and import it to your CRM environment, then follow our online help manual for setup.

In the nutshell, Text SMS isn't just messaging, it's a customer engagement revolution. Imagine instant sales boosts, happy clients, and a thriving business.

Ready to unlock this potential? Partner with Inogic and start your journey towards streamlined workflows, enhanced customer engagement, and measurable results with Inogic's TextSMS4Dynamics. Connect with us today at crm@inogic.com or visit our Products Page and discover how this automation tool can empower your CRM strategy and take your customer communication to the next level.

While TextSMS4Dynamics empowers instant communication, some customers prefer the rich media experience of WhatsApp. Inogic also offers WhatsApp4Dynamics, a seamless integration. Together, TextSMS4Dynamics and WhatsApp4Dynamics provide a effective communication solution to cater to your diverse customer preferences. Enhance your customer engagement strategy and reach every customer, their way with Inogic's expertise.

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