Identifying Training Gaps in Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Clarity  

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Are your Dynamics 365 training programs hitting the mark? Or are there hidden gaps preventing your team from maximizing this powerful platform? Microsoft Clarity is a fantastic free tool to help you spot training gaps and fix them. 

Understanding Microsoft Clarity 

Before diving into identifying training gaps, let's take a moment to talk about how Microsoft Clarity functions within Dynamics 365. This free analytics tool isn't just about tracking clicks and scrolls; it's a window into user behavior, offering: 

  • Heatmaps: Visual representations pinpointing areas of high and low engagement within Dynamics 365. 
  • Session Recordings: Firsthand insights into user navigation, revealing pain points and behaviors in real-time. 
  • Funnel Analysis & User Paths: Tracking user flow and navigation patterns to optimize user experiences. 
  • Frustration Metrics: Identify and eliminate usability issues such as rage clicks, dead clicks, and excessive scrolling. 
  • Dashboard & Nuanced Filters: High-level insights and advanced filters for detailed criteria searches. 

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Using Microsoft Clarity to Identify Training Gaps 

Track Feature Usage for Prioritization 

Microsoft Clarity can act as your training compass by spotlighting heavily utilized Dynamics 365 features. It’s good practice to make sure that your training prioritizes these popular features. 

Microsoft Clarity VisualSP Digital Adoption

Identifying User Navigation Challenges 

Clarity's session recordings and insights help you uncover frequent backtracking, click abandonment, and excessive scrolling—clear signs of user struggles within Dynamics 365. These revelations are your roadmap for targeted training or interface refinement. 

VisualSP and Clarity to improve process governance

Measuring Training Impact 

Clarity isn't just a passive observer; it's your gauge for training program effectiveness. Compare user behaviors before, during, and after training interventions to quantify the immediate impacts and refine your training strategies accordingly. 

Easy Microsoft Clarity Installation 

Normally, integrating Microsoft Clarity with multiple applications would require adding the tracking code to each one individually. However, VisualSP simplifies this process by allowing you to activate the code a single time using a straightforward toggle, making it operational across any site.  

Additionally, VisualSP specialists offer assistance during this setup to ensure your success.  

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VisualSP's Role in Addressing Training Gaps 

Now, how can VisualSP bridge these identified gaps within Dynamics 365 training? Let's explore its capabilities: 

Accelerated Onboarding with Customized Content 

VisualSP empowers onboarding through step-by-step instructions tailored to Dynamics 365. Customize training content to meet your users' specific needs, ensuring a seamless learning curve. 

Targeted Content Deployment 

Take control of your training materials by delivering contextual help based on user roles and security scopes. VisualSP ensures relevant content reaches the right users at the right time. 

Efficient Communication & ROI Measurement 

Enhance communication with in-app notifications and pop-up alerts, ensuring effective dissemination of crucial information. Track usage data comprehensively to gauge productivity and calculate ROI. 

Harmonizing Clarity Insights with VisualSP Data 

VisualSP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Clarity, allowing you to combine user behavior insights from Clarity with VisualSP's contextual training data. Pinpoint support issues and compliance gaps to refine training materials and streamline user experiences further. 

Increase Return on Investment

Crafting Tailored Support Materials 

Armed with Clarity's insights and VisualSP's capabilities, crafting support materials to bridge training gaps becomes a strategic endeavor: 

  • Develop step-by-step guides addressing frequent user navigation challenges highlighted by Clarity. 
  • Customize training modules targeting heavily utilized features identified through Clarity's data. 
  • Tailor onboarding content based on specific user behaviors observed through Clarity's session recordings. 

We've put together this helpful guide to Microsoft Clarity to give you several use cases for how you can use this tool based on department.


Microsoft Clarity isn't just an analytics tool; it's your key to unlocking Dynamics 365 training potential. Pairing its insights with VisualSP's customizable support materials paves the way for targeted, impactful training initiatives. Identifying and addressing training gaps becomes a data-driven, strategic effort, ensuring user-centricity at every step of your Dynamics 365 journey. 

Click here to download Microsoft Clarity using VisualSP’s free download. 

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