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CRM solutions like Dynamics 365 Sales have been helping businesses strengthen customer relationships for a long time. The newest versions are the most capable to date, bringing AI-powered features that free sales representatives and managers alike from tedious, repetitive tasks so they can focus on closing more deals and driving greater revenue.

Even so, there are still functional gaps to fill. For example, how can you avoid duplicate or erroneous data from creeping into your database? Or perhaps you want more robust subscription management to meet the needs of a services-based organization. Want to pump up your marketing pipeline? Or maybe there’s a simple task that could be automated to save more time…

CRM Software Blog is back again with Microsoft Dynamics World (MSDW) to present the Cool Tools Built on Power Platform Showcase (for Dynamics 365 Sales.) We have ISV solutions from 5 companies that are designed to make your daily CRM workflow a little smoother.

Cool Tools Built on Power Platform Showcase for Dynamics 365 Sales Users – Watch On-Demand Now

What Cool Tools Will You See?

Let’s get to know the presenters in our showcase and the products they’ll be demonstrating.

ClickDimensions PowerPack

This NEW tool integrates Marketing Automation, CRM, and Sales Engagement in one platform for small businesses​. It streamlines the customer journey, reduces acquisition costs, enables targeted messaging, and simplifies opportunity management. With personalized communication, dynamic segmentation, and interactive automations, PowerPack helps optimize processes for increased revenue. It incorporates industry best practices to increase marketing efficiency and integrates with the Microsoft tools you love most to help you scale your business quickly.

Magnetism Infinity Buttons

Infinity Buttons is an evergreen collection of products designed to enhance user experience and productivity inside Dynamics 365. The collection includes:

  • Record to PDF (Free): In a few clicks, extract a full record from Dynamics 365 and generate a customizable PDF for easy sharing.
  • SharePoint Add-on: Now you can upload multiple documents to SharePoint within Dynamics 365 with no file-size limit! You can now attach files to an email within Dynamics 365 straight from SharePoint with added Preview functionality.
  • Record to ZIP: Extract contact and organizational data in a ZIP file to share externally - very handy to comply with GDPR, auditing, and other privacy requirements.
  • Clone Record: Clone a record within Dynamics with the click of a button. You have complete control over which fields, child records, and related activities you want to include in your cloned record – no more manually recreating records.

These 4 products can be purchased individually or as a collection – designed to make the whole Dynamics 365 experience better by saving time and money and solving everyday problems that you didn’t know you had. Magnetism Solutions is an award-winning, trusted Microsoft Gold Partner and has been building Dynamics 365 products safely and securely for over 15 years.

P2 Automation Productivity Apps

P2 Automation has developed 3 simple productivity apps for their clients that run within Dynamics 365 and Power Apps that promote team efficiency.

  1. Automation Monitor: Since your CRM is the central nervous system of your business, check its pulse with one easy glance and know if data is flowing in and out.
  2. Learning Center: A single location within your CRM for training videos, documents, and web links to make sure everyone on the team is following the productivity path you’re paving for them.  With it, you can provide consistent information for your team and also monitor views to ensure the resources are being fully utilized.
  3. Kanban Board: Find out who has the “baton” across your entire team in a multi-step business process.

These tools solve specific pain points and can help your team be more productive, helping information and data to flow to their destinations unhindered.

TechDio Data Quality App

Data Quality App is Microsoft's Preferred Solution on AppSource and Azure Marketplace for improving data quality in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. It offers features like Advanced Duplicate Detection, Data Quality Rules, and Phonetic Field Detection that benefit all businesses across different industries.

Data Quality App is flexible, allowing you to configure data quality management rules without limitations. These rules operate in real time and apply to any entity within the system. Your data will be free of duplicates and up-to-date by using the most streamlined data quality management solution currently available on the market. With clean, reliable data, you can have complete confidence in the information driving your business decisions.

Work365 CSP and MSP Management Apps

Work365’s solution helps Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), especially in the Microsoft space, manage and scale recurring revenue. Their product offers advanced contract-based billing and subscription management. Say goodbye to silos and disparate systems; integrate your sales, operations, support, customer success, and billing systems on one platform. Reduce time spent quoting, provisioning, reconciling, and managing renewals. Additionally, service providers can enable self-service web portals for their clients, allowing them to access information such as license keys, knowledge base articles, invoice history, support requests, and much more, alleviating the load on your customer support staff.

Which Cool Tools Do You Need?

In the Cool Tools Built on Power Platform Showcase, these 5 vendors will demonstrate their tools so you can see how well they’ll work for you. Keep an eye out for the tools that solve pain points you’re coping with – even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Cool Tools Built on Power Platform Showcase for Dynamics 365 Sales Users – Watch On-Demand Now

Attend the Showcase and find the solution you need to boost productivity among all your CRM users. Unlock the potential of Dynamics 365 Sales with the help of the Power Platform and our partners!

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