Data Quality App for Dynamics 365 Data Governance - Wonderful Copenhagen Case Study

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A photo of the Copenhagen waterfront.

Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organization for The Capital Region of Denmark, plays a crucial role in promoting and developing tourism within the region. Their efforts span both business and leisure tourism, aiming to highlight Denmark’s attractions to the world.

To manage their operations and business relations efficiently, they utilize Dynamics 365. This platform helps them organize and analyze customer data, ensuring efficient communication and service delivery.

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Their Data Governance Challenges Solved With Dynamics 365

In their quest to maintain high standards of data management and compliance, Wonderful Copenhagen faced several challenges:

  • GDPR Compliance: Like many organizations operating within the European Union, Wonderful Copenhagen must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This requires stringent data governance practices to protect personal information and ensure privacy.
  • Data Quality and Duplicates: A significant hurdle was the issue of maintaining high data quality, especially concerning duplicate records within their system. Duplicate data not only clutters the database but also hampers the accuracy of customer insights and decision-making processes.
  • Business Unit Silos: The organization sought to eliminate silos among different business units. A unified view of customer data was essential for collaboration and effective service delivery, yet achieving this was not straightforward with their existing setup.

How Data Quality App Provided the Solutions for Data Governance in Dynamics 365

The introduction of our Data Quality App brought transformative solutions to Wonderful Copenhagen’s data governance woes:

  • Optimized Data Quality: The app provided a robust framework for defining and executing data quality rules, ensuring that all Dynamics 365 entities maintained high standards of data integrity. This included visual displays of data requirements and the prevention of saving or editing records that did not meet business requirements.
  • Efficient Duplicate Management: One of the app’s standout features is its ability to scan for and merge duplicate data automatically. This not only saved the team a considerable amount of time but also significantly improved the overall data quality.
  • Empowered Data Governance: With the Data Quality App, Wonderful Copenhagen gained complete control over its data. The app’s capabilities in preventing duplicate records from being created by users or through integrations have been instrumental in maintaining a clean and reliable database.

Michael Schuldt, Head of IT at Wonderful Copenhagen, praises our Data Quality App for its effectiveness in addressing their specific needs, highlighting the ease of rule implementation and the significant time savings achieved through the auto-merge feature.

Businessman holding a globe representing a database for Dynamics 365 data governance


For organizations facing similar challenges in data quality and governance, Wonderful Copenhagen’s experience with the Data Quality App offers valuable insights. Our app’s ability to streamline data management processes and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR makes it a powerful tool for any organization using Dynamics 365.

If you’re intrigued by the potential of Data Quality App to transform your organization’s data governance, don’t hesitate to explore further. You can download the app from, Microsoft AppSource, or Azure Marketplace.

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