CRM Horror Stories: A Dynamics 365 CE Cautionary Tale of Customization and Poor Partnership

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Partnerships can make or break the success of a company's CRM systems.

On March 5th, join us for our first CRM Horror story webinar, "A Dynamics 365 CE Cautionary Tale of Customization and Poor Partnership.” We will analyze the experience of a real company that highlights the costly consequences of an ill-informed Dynamics 365 CE partner and how you, as a client, can avoid getting into the same situation.

CRM Horror Stories Dynamics 365 CE partner

Anya Ciecierski, co-founder of CRM Software Blog, will lead the discussion alongside Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE experts Greg Williams and Kayla Rohde of Western Computer.

In this webinar, Kayla and Greg will shed light on a real-life scenario where a security company found itself entangled in an over-customized Dynamics 365 CE system, leading to operational chaos and financial strain.

Kayla will talk about how the client's previous partner's lack of familiarity with Dynamics 365 CE out-of-the-box functionality resulted in a system riddled with unnecessary customizations, costing the client both time and money.

The repercussions of over-customization were far-reaching. From inventory mismanagement to duplicate data entry and operational inefficiencies, the client's once-promising CRM system became a burden rather than a useful tool. With every Microsoft update, the system became more fragile, posing a risk to the company's operations and revenue streams.

Greg will further dissect the root causes behind why the project went wrong and how it could have been prevented.  Plus, how Western Computer was able to untangle the mess and at what cost.

Throughout the webinar, Kayla and Greg will share valuable insights on identifying red flags in partnership evaluation and offer actionable advice for companies considering Dynamics 365 CE implementations.

From understanding out-of-the-box functionalities to vetting partners based on industry experience and change management capabilities, attendees will gain practical strategies to navigate the Dynamics 365 CE landscape successfully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Risks of Over-Customization: Learn about the operational and financial pitfalls of excessive customization without adherence to best practices.
  • Strategic Recovery Plan: Insight into Western Computer's approach to dismantling unnecessary customizations and realigning systems with industry standards.
  • Impact on Business Operations: Explore the tangible effects of poor partnership choices on inventory management, customer billing, and project performance.
  • Advice for Dynamics Users: Tips on how to select a consulting partner that can navigate the complexities of Dynamics 365 and support ongoing cloud strategy.
  • The Importance of Expert Partners: Understand the critical role of selecting a Dynamics 365 partner with deep CE experience and industry knowledge.

Join us on March 5th for an enlightening discussion that promises to unravel the complexities of Dynamics 365 partnerships and help you to make more informed decisions.

CRM Horror Stories Dynamics 365 CE partner

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and chart a course towards CRM success with Western Computer by your side.

Register now to watch the interview live or on-demand.

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