2 Ways to Enable Attachments in Microsoft Power Pages

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2 Ways to Enable Attachments in Microsoft Power Pages


Microsoft Power Pages is an enterprise-grade low-code platform for creating modern online experiences. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform family, which also includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents.

Often times when building out Power Pages sites the need arises to provide users with the ability to add file attachments to records. Fortunately, Power Pages does provide a couple of options to do so. Today, we're taking a look at these options and how to set them up.

Dynamics File Column 

The first option Is to use a Dataverse column with the file data type. This method works well if you are only going to be asking your users to upload one file per column. The upload location looks nice, and users can easily check what they uploaded. The other nice piece here is that the security should already be taken care of by the web role that gives the user access to the record where they are uploading the files to. This is a good way to go if users will only ever upload one file. It looks nice and there is less setup required, at the cost of being more limited in functionality.












Power Pages File Attachments

Our second method is to use the file attachment feature built into Power Pages itself. The main difference here is that these files will be stored as attachments on the notes table associated with the record the user is working on. This gives us more flexibility but also requires more configurations when initially being set up. While these two options look similar on the portal... (Read the full post on www.beringer.net)



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