Updates to Power Automate in 2023 Release Wave 2

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Updates to Power Automate in Dynamics 365 & Power Platform 2023 Release Wave 2


The Dynamics 365 & Power Platform 2023 Release Wave 2 is here and it comes with a host of great new features and improvements. In particular, I want to highlight what's new with Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate, formerly labeled Microsoft Flow, is a cloud service enabling  workflow automation and application and service integration, in a low-code environment. Automated processes - or flows - can be built to respond to triggers from external events.

What's new with Power Automate?

Cloud Flows new features:

Oauth is now supported with Http request triggers

New teams support

Admins can now create flows from the teams channel menu using pre-built templates or start from scratch. This will allow automation of tasks and notifications tailored for your team.

Viewing performance of flow activities

A consolidated view has been created that allows admins to gain better insights into the top trends such as success and failure based on a time period, as well as the top errors and the associated flows. Currently this appears to only show the past 30 days. However, another feature that is coming will allow you to store flow execution history in the Dataverse so you can build longer-term reports.

Saving changes for solution cloud flows when there is an error

This feature may seem strange to have, but when you've worked on a flow for hours and there is 1 specific error that cannot be addressed right away, this feature will be useful. It will allow power users and admins to save their changes and then come back to the flow to address the specific error when time permits.

Versioning for solution cloud flows is coming!

Previously, versioning was not allowed for cloud flows, so it was difficult to review what changes have been made over time as well as the inability to revert to a previous version. With the new release, this will now be possible! This information will be stored in  (Read full post on www.beringer.net)


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