Self-service Report Generation with Power BI and Dynamics 365CE

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Self-service Reporting for Your Teams, Customers, and Vendors with Power BI and Dynamics 365CEWhat if you could enable your teams, customers, and vendors to create business intelligence reports quickly and easily, and from anywhere? You can do that and more when you integrate your ERP system with Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics 365CE for self-service reporting.

Create reports within Power BI from data available to your team and information you are willing to share with customers and vendors. You choose the data to make available, including financials, accounts, orders, and service specifics. At the same time, you can ensure that sensitive data is available only to authorized users.

Self-service reporting  in Power BI and Dynamics 365 improves customer satisfaction

Self-service reporting helps you improve customer service and customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate access to account specifics such as order history and prices. Customers can access that information and more when you give them access to their accounts. They also appreciate access to information about products and services your company provides. You can use self-service reporting to raise service levels for your teams and vendors to keep your business flowing smoothly.

No coding or developer costs are required

You don’t have to hire a developer to create comprehensive reports. Power BI pulls data from your ERP solution and Dynamics 365 CE. There is no technical coding required.

In addition to creating standard reports, you can allow internal and external users to drill into the data to access necessary details and reformat its presentation. It’s the best way for everyone in your business sphere to track sales orders, service incidents, purchase orders, and returns.

Our team at Western Computer has worked with a client who gets reports for their entire company through two Power BI specialists. After we assisted them in setting up the table data, the specialists could consolidate the tables into various report forms. Depending on what users, customers, and vendors requested, they could build spreadsheets, visuals, graphs, and dashboards.

The self-service reporting model removes the necessity of hiring developers to create custom reports, thus making the entire process faster and more cost-effective. Rather than going through endless communication and feedback, self-service lets users simply click, drag, and drop to get the exact visuals they want. They get reports in their chosen format, making it easy to analyze their data.

Smoother collaboration with customers and vendors using reporting in Power BI and Dynamics 365

When you provide Power BI reports to clients and vendors through self-service portals, you’ll connect customers to Dynamics 365 CE applications using Microsoft Power Pages. Customers can search their purchases or service calls for the last five years or whatever you set up. Vendors can also look up items you have purchased or products you have returned.

Sharing information makes collaboration with customers and vendors faster and smoother and allows you to deliver products and services more efficiently.

Would you like to see examples of the kinds of Power BI reports you can create for your company? Take a look at the array of pre-built interactive Power BI reports detailed on our website. We show you examples of reports Western Computer developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers. Our team is ready to do the same for your ERP platform. To learn more, contact Western Computer today.

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