New Year's Wishes from Team Maplytics: A Throwback at the Laurels of 2023!

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New Years recap of 2023

As we clink glasses and exchange cheers to the new beginnings of 2024, Team Maplytics extends its heartfelt wishes to the amazing customers, wonderful partners, and a family-like community. 2023 was a memorable joyride because of your presence. Reflecting on the year that was, we are immensely grateful for your unwavering support in our lows and highs. The Team is indebted for the trust set in us to address your locational intelligence requirements. We hope that we have served our part well.

In 2023, Team Maplytics announced three major release waves in honor of the three wonderful seasons. Every wave was a jump ahead toward our mission of commitment to innovation and excellence. We established remarkable relationships that have enriched us and our community all year round. At the same time, we are proud to have grown as a team and every team member is endowed with more skills and talents.

At Inogic, our aim is to empower our clients and partners with all-inclusive maps integration with Dynamics 365 for improved insights, analytics, productivity, and ROI. We hope our efforts have been beyond expectation, catalyzing your journey to success. While anticipating the events of 2024, we are committed to providing more value to your business success and excellence throughout our association.

To relive and flaunt the highlights of 2023 at Maplytics and to offer our heartfelt gratitude, we’ve compiled some glorious milestones that showcase our collective achievements.

Three Release Waves in 2023

New Year 2023 Release

We welcomed the cold and festive 2023 with a formula to maximize field productivity with enhancements to Auto Scheduling, Mobile UI, Route Tracking, etc! The Auto Scheduling display was updated with the Appointment Scheduler having a 3-layered display of a Calendar, Trip Summary, and a Detail Map. Routes plotted and actually traveled by the field rep can be tracked and updated for future use. Users can select the feature layers available online on the ArcGIS portal and plot the same on the map. Right Clicking the Detail Map gives an option for Street View and clicking it opens an improved 3D view of the street. Users can view the turn-by-turn navigations on Apple Maps as well on desktops, iPhones, and iPads.

Summer 2023 Release

The Summer 2023 Release was heart-warming and bright! The existing function of Area Of Service was enhanced so that the users can determine an area in which services are being offered and also visualize the records that lie in that area. Within the ‘By Drawing’ Option, a ‘By File’ Option is also available to plot & and visualize CRM data on Map. The Search Record feature within Detail Map enables a user to plot a specific record on the map by adding its primary attributes. The May 2023 release also has a Data Grid, Lasso Tool, and a Mass Actions addition to the Detail Map Control of Dataset. Significant changes to the Batch Processing Tool’s user interface have been observed. After plotting records, a particular record can be searched by adding the primary attribute and generating prompts for records with the Search Record On Mobile feature.

Fall 2023 Release

Autumn got with it an advancement to the traditional Auto Scheduling feature enabling users to save the clients’ available working days and hours and consider them while scheduling appointments. Certain appointments need to be repeated multiple times in weeks/ months. The frequency details can now be saved and the planner shall plan the recurring appointments accordingly after the specified interval. Appointments and other Activities can be scheduled for each of the waypoints of a smart route formed using the ‘Add to Route’ button for random records in the Data Grid of the Detail Map Control. The frequently visited places can now be added to a list of favorite places and easily be picked up for route plotting, as the current location, as a place of interest to search other places nearby, and more. With a ‘Locate Me’ button in the PCF, Individual Record Map, and Detail Map, the user’s GPS or Current Location gets plotted on the Map. The follow/unfollow action enables the Admin and all the users to follow the record. With Multiple Routing, the users of PCF and Detail Map are enabled to view multiple saved routes together on the map. Using the plot by-drawing feature, two or more shapes can be drawn on the map, and 3 types of shape operations i.e. Difference, Intersection, and Union can be performed on the overlapping shapes just as in Detail Map.

Summit Events of 2023

Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2023 #MPPC23

Inogic’s presence was a highlight at #MPPC3. Many tech enthusiasts visited Inogic at Booth #102 to meet the experts responsible for the 15+ years of innovation and expertise in Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform. Inogic also showcased two of their recent launches – Whatsapp4Dynamics and DeDupeD.

European Power Platform Conference 2023 #EPPC23

As a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner, Inogic marked its attendance as an exhibitor at Booth #14 during EPPC23. The team showcased its commendable expertise in Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform solutions.

Dynamics 365 Community Summit, North America #MySummitNA

Team Maplytics, was present as a proud Platinum Sponsor throughout the Summit and had an experience, class apart! As an innovative solutions-producing hub within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, we were joyous to present a live session on Maplytics to the wonderful interactive listeners! Our session was graced by our #CustomerForLife, Abby Torres, Director of IT, ReEmployAbility, and a #MSDyn365CRM Architect herself. She shared her invaluable experience of using Maplytics for years now with calculated facts and numbers.

A Dip in the Pool of Artificial Intelligence

The Professional Services Division of Inogic took up a mission of transforming clients’ business functions using Azure OpenAI models, a cloud service powered by OpenAI on Microsoft’s Azure Platform. From 2023, the division develops AI-driven applications for Advanced Decision-Making, Content Generation, Reporting and Analysis, etc. Copilot in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform is an AI-powered assistant employed to help users with a variety of business operations and activities. Inogic uses it to help businesses develop AI-driven applications that can streamline daily operations, automate processes, improve productivity, get better returns on investment, and more!

Giving back to the Society

Inogic believes in the power of benevolence and has taken it up as a mission over the years to give back to society. Accumulating knowledge, processing it, and churning out experiences with additions in the form of blogs, forum questions, etc. has been a form of giving back. Apart from this, Inogic has continued its association in 2023 as well with Non-profits such as Anarde Foundation, India, and Karta Initiative that aim at developing villages holistically, implementing sustainable solutions, and thus giving reasons to continue living in the villages, and supporting underprivileged and marginalized youth right from social-emotional well-being, life-choices, career- choices, critical thinking, university preparation, to scholarship and mentorship, etc.

Vision for 2024

Looking forward to 2024, Team Maplytics is already working on new robust, and unique features and exploring ways to add even more value to clients’ businesses. As we leap toward innovation, we invite insights from our Users, Partners, and other associates on how the future can be evolved. Connect with us at with your suggestions, feedback, and other pointers!

We express our gratitude once again to all our clients, partners, and the lovely Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community. Your ongoing support is a major reason for our growth, and we look forward to another year of collaboration, innovation, and shared success in 2024!

Until then,

Have a sparkling New Year 2024!

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