Introducing SMS Integration with Dynamics 365 CRM - Revolutionize Customer Engagement!

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In today's business landscape, user behaviors and strategies for capturing customer attention have shifted drastically. From calls to emails, the emphasis has now moved toward social media as a communication channel, with an exceptionally large user base. In such an environment, text messaging services like SMS have emerged as a significantly convenient means for direct, personalized communication.

Compelling statistics reveal just how impactful SMS can be:

  • On average, 36% of SMS messages prompt a click-through action, showcasing their compelling nature.
  • 95% of SMS messages are promptly read within 3 minutes of delivery.
  • SMS marketing campaigns yield an impressive 209% higher response rate compared to emails.

Despite such figures, there remains a challenge in the seamless adoption of SMS within CRM workflows, hampering Sales, Marketing, Support, and PR Teams worldwide. The issue lies in inefficiencies and data fragmentation that affect the smooth integration of SMS into Customer Relationship Management systems.

Following the success of WhatsApp4Dynamics, our WhatsApp Business integration for Dynamics 365 CRM, we're excited to announce our latest product, TextSMS4Dynamics. This new integration is designed to cater to the needs of potential customers and users who prefer SMS-based messaging. TextSMS4Dynamics is designed to provide unified and efficient communication, empowering sales, service, and marketing teams to engage globally without ever leaving the CRM ecosystem.

With TextSMS4Dynamics, businesses can take a more personalized approach and:

  • Engage effectively with customers and receive a quick response.
  • Serve clients better through personalization and automation.
  • Market products efficiently using a concise SMS messaging system.

TextSMS4Dynamics is all about elevating engagement and efficiency, and it's the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and improve their CRM workflows.

TextSMS4Dynamics: A Closer Look

Introducing Effortless Messaging with TextSMS4Dynamics

SMS Integration in Dynamics 365 CRM

TextSMS4Dynamics offers a user-friendly messaging interface that can be accessed directly within the CRM environment. With this feature, you can easily initiate and maintain conversations with your customers from a single, convenient platform.

Improving Customer Interaction with Incoming Message Notifications in CRM

SMS Integration in Dynamics 365 CRM Get notified instantly about incoming messages and keep track of customer inquiries without leaving your CRM. With color-coded message bubbles for ongoing conversations, you can stay up-to-date and respond to your customers quickly.

Historical Message Sessions to Monitor Conversations

SMS Integration in Dynamics 365 CRM 3With TextSMS4Dynamics, you can store messaging history for reference in the future. Use contextual conversations to connect with customers and keep complete records of your interactions, linked to specific records for easy tracking and review.

Image, Emoji and Multi-language Messaging Service Support

SMS Integration in Dynamics 365 CRM TextSMS4Dynamics has enabled businesses to offer a more personalized experience to their customers by incorporating multilingual messaging, emojis, and image support in CRM systems. Resulting in increased customer interaction and satisfaction.

Workflow Integration for Automation: Making the Most of Your Time

SMS Integration in Dynamics 365 CRM Set up triggers on specific CRM events or actions to automate messaging tasks like sending order confirmations or appointment reminders via SMS messages. This automation not only saves time and reduces manual effort, but also guarantees timely communication.

Ready for a Change?

Improve your customer relationship management operations with:

  • Seamlessly integrate messages into your CRM system
  • Receive instant updates and communicate with clients effortlessly
  • Automate communication to enhance customer interactions

Try TextSMS4Dynamics Today and Be Ahead of the Curve!

Get ahead of the game and try out our latest offering - TextSMS4Dynamics. Why wait when you can download our 15-day free trial today? Head to the Inogic website or email directly at to get started.

TextSMS4Dynamics integrates messaging services and CRM tools, making it easier for businesses to communicate, automate interactions, and improve customer relationships within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Experience a seamless blend of efficiency and engagement with TextSMS4Dynamics.

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