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2023 CRM Awards

2024 has indeed been a happy new year for all of us at Inogic. With the accolades coming our way for our contribution to the Dynamics 365 Community in 2023, we are beaming ear to ear!

Inogic, as we know is a leading Microsoft Gold ISV Partner focused exclusively on building innovative products and add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM that plug functional gaps, enrich the user experience, and maximize RoI. Our extensive portfolio features several AppSource Preferred Apps with Maplytics - Maps integration app being our flagship. We also have a dedicated Services Team, Your Technical Extension with a combination of Dynamics 365 & Power Platform expertise including the trending Azure Open AI and Copilot.

This year too, our hard work and dedication have paid off, as we have been awarded the "Top Blogger" and "Top Member" accolades on CRM Software Blog for the year 2023. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing valuable insights and contributions to the CRM software community.

Inogic has always followed the principle of giving back to the community. We believe in contributing by extending our support to organizations but giving in the form of knowledge has been our core mission. It is the community we learn from, the community that gives us recognition, contacts, and partnerships, word of mouth runs the best through the community. Hence, we try assimilating the knowledge we have gained from the community into our practices, applications, and understanding. The experiences we get from these activities are penned down and given back to the community to learn from in the form of blogs and articles. Sometimes the content is completely technical and at times a story combining real-life examples and technicalities.

One such blog post has " It is overwhelming to see all the responses from different parts of the world. We understand people’s interest in data management apps and have recently made some enhancements to the Undo2Restore app. Along with timely feature additions to the existing apps, we have also introduced a new app to Detect, Prevent, and Merge Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM in the category named DeDupeD. Do explore it further for possible applications.

Inogic has been a contributor at CRM Software Blogs since 2019. It has been a Top Contributor in 2020, 2021, 2022, and now 2023. It had topped the Top 10 Blogs list in 2020 as well. Thus, Team Inogic has been parked in the achiever’s parking lot for a very long time.

Benefits of CRM Software Blog

What Inogic got by being there

Exposure to new community members, potential leads, partners, clients Lifelong Partners and Clients, and many Leads
Latest knowledge of and exposure to new topics A constant source of information, learnings, and a steady flow of traffic
A handy place for summarized reads Great exposure to community with well-researched articles

& much more!

It is the hard work of Team Inogic that has been supported by the CRM Software Team. A shoutout to Anya, Dave, Jeff, Stacy, Kirstyn, Sharon, and Matt for their support and guidance! In 2024 too, we plan to retain our winning streak with continued learning and giving back the learned insights.

Join us on our journey and explore our contributions to CRM Software Blog and Inogic Blogs. To learn more about Inogic explore our Website or write to us at

Until Then,

Happy Writing!

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