How to Avoid 3 Catastrophic Power Automate Mistakes

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Running a workflow prematurely could result in individuals receiving email notifications before they are ready, leading to confusion and numerous inquiries. But how does this occur?

Even when the criteria set to initiate the automation are accurate, sometimes an administrator working on the backend of the data source can unintentionally trigger it earlier than anticipated.

For instance, imagine a workflow designed to send emails to employees prompting them to confirm they have reviewed their software license expiration dates. This data resides in SharePoint, and the emails are triggered by modifications in SharePoint entries, a common Power Automate trigger.

There may be instances where you need to make edits to a file after the automation has already gone live. However, the system perceives an admin modifying a file and an employee viewing it as the same action unless specified otherwise, thus triggering the workflow.

Consequently, emails may be sent out to everyone on the list prematurely, causing unintended disruptions. Managing the fallout of hundreds of premature emails may entail hours of addressing inquiries or rectifying the situation.

To prevent this error, consider the following strategies:

  1. Incorporate an "if" statement into the workflow, ensuring it initiates only upon confirming that the file is ready by checking a designated box.
  2. Establish a condition specifying that modifications made by specific individuals (e.g., email addresses of those involved in the automation process) do not activate the workflow. Emails are dispatched only if the "modified by" person is not associated with the designated email address you provided.

If you are an early adopter of Power Automate, check out this resource to understand the essence of the platform, or reach out to experts at Collectiv to streamline adoption and usage.

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