Empowering Non-Technical Staff to Excel with Dynamics 365

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Effective use of Dynamics 365 is crucial to helping a business thrive. However, for non-technical staff, navigating Dynamics 365 can be daunting. As managers, your challenge is to bridge this gap, ensuring that every team member, regardless of technical proficiency, can fully utilize Dynamics 365.

In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips that you can use to not only familiarize your non-technical staff with Dynamics 365 but also to empower them to use it confidently and effectively.

Understand the Non-Technical Team's Perspective

Begin by identifying what non-technical staff find challenging in Dynamics 365. Regular feedback sessions can reveal issues such as difficulty understanding the interface or specific features. Use insights from these sessions to adapt your approach. This might involve simplifying interfaces or focusing training on key functionalities.

Customize Dynamics 365 for User-Friendliness

Adapt Dynamics 365 to suit the various roles in your team. For example, create different dashboard setups for sales, customer service, and other departments to highlight relevant information and tools for each role. Consider streamlining the interface for non-technical users, emphasizing the features they most frequently use and removing unnecessary complexities.

Develop Targeted Training Programs

Develop specific training modules for different departments, focusing on the Dynamics 365 features most relevant to their daily tasks. Encourage practical learning experiences where staff can apply their training in real-world scenarios, enhancing retention and understanding.

Fostering a Supportive Learning Environment

Promote a culture where experimentation and learning are encouraged. Regular knowledge-sharing sessions, where team members can share tips and discoveries, can be highly effective.

Make Learning Resources Easily Accessible with a Digital Adoption Platform

Ensure that learning resources, such as quick reference guides and FAQs, are easily accessible to the team, providing them with the tools they need to solve problems independently.

This is where a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) comes in handy. These platforms overlay Dynamics 365 to provide real-time, in-app support. This means users can access help resources directly within the Dynamics 365 environment, without having to leave the application or interrupt their workflow.

Here are some useful DAP features:

Interactive Walkthroughs

One of the most effective tools offered by DAPs are interactive walkthroughs. These guide users step-by-step through various processes in Dynamics 365, ensuring they can complete tasks correctly and efficiently, even if they are unfamiliar with the system.

Integrate tightly with Dynamics 365

In-Context Help Items

DAPs also provide other in-context help items like short, informative videos, step-by-step guides, and inline help tooltips. These resources are available on-demand, offering instant assistance and clarification on specific features or tasks.

Customizable training content

Role-Based Customization

Customize support resources based on Dynamics user role. VisualSP is the only DAP that allows you to customize help content for each user's specific role in Dynamics 365. This customization ensures that the support each team member receives is directly relevant to their daily tasks, making the guidance they get more practical and useful.

Communicate more effectively with your users

Ready-to-Use Support Library

VisualSP provides a comprehensive library of pre-built support content for Dynamics 365. This resource is a significant time-saver, as it means managers don't have to create support content from scratch. The library covers a wide range of topics, helping users get up to speed with different aspects of Dynamics 365.

Pulse Surveys 

VisualSP also includes a feature to swiftly measure user experiences through quick pulse surveys. These are an efficient way to understand user satisfaction and quickly identify and resolve any issues.

DAP feedback tool

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Empowering non-technical staff with Dynamics 365 is a multifaceted process involving understanding their challenges, customizing their experience, providing targeted training, and creating a supportive environment. Integrating tools like Digital Adoption Platforms enhances this process by offering real-time, in-app support and interactive learning tools. By leveraging these strategies and tools, managers can help their teams not only use Dynamics 365 efficiently but also excel in their roles, driving productivity and success in the organization.

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