Automating Data Cleaning for Dynamics 365 using Data Quality App

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Automating Data Cleaning for Dynamics 365 using Data Quality App

Data Quality App by Techdio was developed to save organizations time and resources by automating data cleansing processes, improving data accuracy, and increasing productivity.

With the app’s ability to handle data across multiple entities, companies can always work with the most accurate and up-to-date data.

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About Data Quality App

Techdio, a Danish ISV and Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, is committed to delivering industry-specific data quality management solutions and migration solutions. Our global reach extends to diverse sectors, from healthcare to nonprofits, ensuring tailored solutions for each industry.

Working with Three

Three (H3G) is a global brand name owned by Hutchison 3G Enterprises S.A.R.L., under which several UMTS-based mobile phone networks and broadband Internet providers operate in Hong Kong, Macau, Austria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, and the UK. Their customers worldwide number over 110 million.

The Challenge of Clean Data in Dynamics 365

This global communications company operates under strict data requirements that must be configured on all sales entities. They wanted data presented visually for users and, at the same time, measured via dashboards and Power BI for managers and stakeholders.

Prior to implementing data quality rules, our client had to clean up many duplicate records throughout the system. They also wanted to ensure against future duplications.

The Clean Data Solution for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 lacks built-in options to implement specific business data requirements in a visually appealing way that can also inform management and drive strategic decisions. However, with the app, our client was able to create custom rules for multiple entities and apply them to dashboards, Power BI, and their marketing flow.
Users can receive warnings and prompts empowering them to meet business criteria before saving or editing their records.

The Benefits

According to Phillip Jorgensen, Business Data Manager at H3G,

“Our ultimate goal was to ensure that our data met business requirements, and having data without duplicates was a bonus.
The Data Quality App helped us achieve both of these objectives. We were able to create advanced data quality rules, and as a result, we saw significant improvements in our sales and marketing efforts. The app was instrumental in our journey to achieve better data. I will recommend this App to other companies that are looking for an easy way to maintain data quality in Dynamics 365.“

Reliable and clean data supports effective decisions that help drive sales and customer satisfaction. Accurate data will help your business deliver the right messages to customers at the right time. So properly governed data saves time and money.

Techdio’s Data Quality App for Dynamics 365 fully integrates into Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. It requires no API development. As a testament to our quality, Microsoft recognizes our solutions as Microsoft Preferred Solutions on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Try the Data Quality App

If you’re intrigued by the Data Quality App. don’t hesitate to reach out. You can download our Data Quality App from, Microsoft AppSource, or Azure Marketplace.
For personalized assistance, contact our support team at Techdio.

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